All change in the City

More road changes in the City of London.

this is Queen Victoria Street, heading East bound, with Friday Street on the left.

As you can see in this picture, you can know go straight on and continue into Queen Victoria Street or branch right into Canon Street further along but you can’t turn left into Canon Street.

The picture below is facing westbound, Canon Street to your right and Queen Victoria Street to your left.

Heading west down Queen Victoria Street, you can’t turn right into Friday Street.

The picture below is Friday street, facing North bound.

You can see from the road markings it’s know two way traffic and you can’t turn right at the top of Friday Street into Canon Street but you can turn left and do a u-turn.

The picture below is Canon Street facing East bound, with traffic know heading West bound, at the junction of Friday Street.

Heading west down Canon Street you can turn left into Friday Street.

I hope this helps you all the next time your in the City of London.

Be lucky, Steve.

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