Nokia offers free taxi rides to promote Ovi Maps

Here’s an interesting promotion from Nokia. The Finnish mobile giant is sponsoring free taxi cabs in four major cities: Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

If you spot an Ovi Maps branded cab out and about in these cities, you can flag it down and get a free ride. Providing someone else isn’t in it already.

And also providing it’s a short distance trip you’re wanting. People who take the mickey and ask for a ride up to John o’ Groats (or down to Lands End) will be unceremoniously ejected from the vehicle as quickly as if they had regurgitated a kebab on the back seat.

The cabs also have Nokia X6 phones running Ovi Maps in the back, the idea being that customers can follow their route, and realise how good Nokia’s map service is.

We’re guessing there probably aren’t many of these taxis about, mind you, so your odds of managing to find one aren’t going to be huge.

And we hope they aren’t going to run them later on at night during the weekend. There are enough drunken fights over taxis in big city centres as it is, let alone free. By

by Darren Allan Tech Watch

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