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2nd United Cabbies Demo of 2010

June the 2nd and another successful demonstration , there must have been at least three thousand cabs passing through the Aldwych, as central London came to a complete standstill.

I joined the organizers at a meeting point just outside the Aldwych, when ready we set of and parked up between the Waldorf Hotel and the Kingsway and as before erected our banner.

Picture by Stormcab

There was good coverage from the BBC and independent photographers. More from Demotix and Westminster Chronicle

After about an hour the police started directing the traffic away and up Kingsway, so we sent all the cabs to holborn Circus and it jammed up the whole area.

This is what some of the drivers had to say.

On the left David Hopkins aka @cabbydavid on Twitter said the events of the last two weeks have shown me that drivers are fed up of poor leadership from their Association/Union.

Another driver lee Patterson says, re demo point made to TFL, PH rules must be enforced unless they want random action all over the City from this September.

On the right is Mark Morris, this is what he says, Great show of unity of non affiliated drivers,

Cab driver Kevin Portch commented by saying that it was well publicist, well supported by cabbies, media and public also good natured despite the serious underlying issues, He also says there was a bigger cabbie presence this week and the police were for us.

The BBC clip below is of cab driver Paul Kelly, one of London’s finest cabbies and driver of TweetaLondoncab.

That’s all our big demos till after the football then we’ll be back, you will all be informed a few days before, keep em peeled and stay tuned in.

Be lucky, Steve.

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