TLC for Cabbies

Twitter for Cabbies

Demonstrations will be held at Camley St Taxi Cafe every couple of months between  20:00 – 22:00. Watch this space times and dates will vary.
Next Twitter school 11 January 2011 at Camley Street

Twitter is currently being used by an increasing number of London Cabbies. They are using it to share information about what is happening on the Streets/Ranks and in the Trade in general. When venues burst or there is a major function it appears on Twitter.
And on your mobile device as a text message.
Twitter is also currently being used to book Taxis via an account called @Tweetalondoncab.
Messages (tweets) are sent from your Computer/phone (mobile device) just like a text message and can be received by anyone who subscribes to your account (your twitter feed) To get involved all that is needed is a basic mobile phone. However it works best with the latest smart-phones.

(Iphones, Blackberry’s, Androids)  You set up a twitter account on the web via http://twitter.com/ Try to choose a Cabbie type name to make it more obvious to your fellow cabbie Twitterer’s and thus attract more followers of this nature.
Once set up your account can be used on a mobile device to communicate with the “twitterverse” (anyone else who has a twitter account) of course this includes numerous London Cabbies.
When you send out your first tweet (message) add #londontaxidriver to the text This will then be picked up (within a few hours at most) by some of the other London cabbies who will then reply and will be able to field any questions you may have.
The vast majority of London Cabbies subscribe (free) to a private community account. This allows communication amongst London cabbies only.
Once involved you will feel lost without it.
A few tweeting Cabbies (amongst the 100s) to get you going
@cabbiescapital (Richard)
@Markthecab (Mark), @Coopse1 (Dawn), @Cabbytez (Theresa), @Leevonleft (Lee), @Cabbydavid (Dave)
@Legalledoff (Steve), @Jackcabnory (Lee Cox) , @Martthetaxi (Martin), @JasTHFC (Jason)
@Erb66 (Alan), @Turbotaxi (Joe), @Cabgeeza (Paul), @Headlongcabbie (Kevin)
@Thegreenbadge (Jamie), @Supercabby (Jamie)

3 Responses to “Twitter for Cabbies”

  1. Adam G says:

    And how many people are requested a taxi throught this service on a daily basis?

    Does it warrant the airtime charges your mobile operator would impose on you?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Adam most networks give you free mobile internet these days, all included in the package.
    So you can stay connected continuous without a worry.

    So it really doesn’t matter how many jobs cabbies take of off TweetaLondon cab.

  3. Cabbydavid says:

    What a fantastic article. But I would stress Twitter (for cabbies) is mainly about the community of drivers sharing information with each other. Any work gleaned from tweetalondoncab is really just considered a bonus/pleasure. Most customers become fellow tweeters.

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