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1st United Cabbies Demo of 2010

May the 26th a day to remember this is when London Cabbies from all our different trades joined forces and brought central London to a complete standstill.

Thousands of cab drivers and Knowledge boys and girls from all over London demonstrated in the Aldwych, they were protesting against the lack of enforcement by the  authorities and  are not happy with the way our licensing authorities are dealing with our problems and complaints. The laws that apply to private hire are not being enforced and licensed taxi drivers are being persecuted by aggressive compliance officers on a regular basis.

A large convoy of cabbies arrived on the scene around 2:15 pm , we all parked up opposite the Waldorf Hotel, we were the first to arrive and the traffic was flowing gently past. It wasn’t long before it started to get jammed up, after about three hours of gridlock the police started to control us, blocking of roads and sending cabs over Waterloo Bridge.

This is the Strand with all cabs being directed towards Waterloo Bridge.

Once over Waterloo Bridge they all headed towards the Palestra Building in Blackfriars Road, thats where TFL now control the PCO.

This is just a handful of the many Knowledge Boys and Girls  that joined in our protest, posing in the Aldwych.

A spokesman from the organizers, The London Taxi drivers forum (LTDF) said “we will carry on complaining and continue to demonstrate until the authorities do what we pay them to do and that is protect our sole right to ply for hire on the streets of the capital”.

The organizers of this demonstration would like to thank all cabbies and knowledge boys and girls for showing their support.

As the saying goes Stand Up & Fight, or Lay Down & Die?

If you need to contact someone about this Demo contact savethetaxitrade@yahoo.com

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. CSP says:

    Brilliant post Steve. See y’all Wednesday!

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