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London Black Taxi Cab Demo tout and illegal minicab evidence

This sort of thing goes on night after night,the evidence is there but the local authorities decide to ignore it. This is why this Demo is going ahead.

London cab drivers have had enough, we have literally sent thousands of E-mails and letters of complaint and evidence of illegal activity, to all concerned over the last couple of years and they show us nothing but contempt.

Video by Storm cab,

Be lucky, Steve.

3 Responses to “London Black Taxi Cab Demo tout and illegal minicab evidence”

  1. ahmet says:

    well done guys its about time we did something because no one gives a damm about us ,night and day we lose work from touts clipboard jonnys and rickshaws and they know no one is doing anything about it ,london at night is now a free for all with the police just wanting to get people off the streets ,i realy hope we can stick together and get back the work which we worked hard to get “doing the knowledge” many thank ahmet cab driver 8 years.

  2. To be the unlicensed cabbies are really giving the industry a bad name. Stiffer penalties need to be enforced and soon.

  3. jeff says:

    has anyone thought of approaching ascott cabs or any of the big cab firms for there backing regarding these touts and mini cabs because without us they go out of business also

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