Fire at George Vyse’s office

last night the Fire brigade were called out to put a fire out at George Vyse’s office in Gt Suffolk St.

Pictures taken by Dizzy

George’s office is next door to a cabbies cafe in the old Texaco garage of Gt Suffolk St¬† lucky the fire didn’t spread and there was no one inside at the time.

I arrived shortly after the fire engine left, apparently the Fire accident investigators could find no trace of a fire accellerant, and put the cause of the fire down to a discarded cigarette which ignited the rubbish.

The fire caused damage to the door and the outside walls, but was extinguished before it had a chance to reach inside.

George arrived swiftly on the scene just after firemen had kicked the door in.

Although he was shaken by this, he said he would live to fight another day.

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