Another nights work

Hi everyone Thursday night the 29th my day started in the usual manner nothing special, ticking over slowly,around about 8pm I text-ed Errol to see if he passed his Overhaul, no response shortly afterwards Trevor called, just to let me know that he wouldn’t be stopping, because he came out to late, so I sent a Tweet to metropete7 asking if their was any spare room at his restaurant Culture in the Cut SE1, he said of course ! I shall notify the owner that you wish to dine ! My Mandarins better than yours!!

The food was absolutely delicious and there was plenty of it, I washed it down with one of their traditional teas.

I was only meeting pete to pass  on a TLC rear window sticker he previously asked for but I’m glad I stayed to experience their traditional Chinese food.

We left the restaurant just before 10:30pm and pete gave me a lift round the corner to where I parked my cab, by the time we finished chatting it was already 11 pm.

The first thing I did when I left was remind the guys on Twitter via tag hit squad that there was work coming out of Abacus in Cornhill and thats where I headed, it was back and forth for the next 3 hours. Around 2am I took my last a final job from Abacus, it was going to Clapham, thats typical when you live the other way but in general thats the norm.

While driving down Queen Victoria Street, my throttle cable snapped, so I explained to my punters what the problem was and asked them to get another cab. The first thing I did was call Memmet the mechanic, I asked him if he had a spare cable, he told me he doesn’t, I asked if he could tow me to Hexagon and fit a new one, he said he was in Edmonton so I said your to far out let me call the AA first and maybe you could meet me at hexagon and fit it.

Memmet’s a good guy but he’s not working for the pleasure of it, he would have probably stung me for a tidy sum. In the meantime I called Stables night garage in Penarth Street SE15, they’re are a 24hr garage, I asked if they’ve got a spare cable and he checked and said yes.

I’ve now called the AA and they told  me they’re busy but they will send someone out and then text me later to how long he would be, in the meantime I’ve Tweeted the last few remaining drivers and I start to get a response, firstly from my old mucker cabbydelboy, he said he’s just pulled up at Smithfield Market and asked if I want a tea, I thought when have I ever turned you down when you’ve asked if I want a tea, just as I put the phone down markthecab turned up, he double parked next to me, I told him Del was getting me a tea, he said can you ask him to get me one, so  I called  Del but it was to late he was  just pulling up behind me, sorry Mark. Mark checked his Twitter feed and told me that jt188chinesecab aka Johnny has a spare throttle for a fairway, before I managed to speek to him he’s already called me, he said he’s in Chiswick but doesn’t mind running it to me, I said thats decent of him.

I was just about to call the AA back to tell them I didn’t need a recovery vehicle only a mechanic when they called me, they said that’s what they’ve sent me. While drinking my tea and chatting to Del and Mark Johnny turned up with the cable, dropped it off then shot off again, probably home bound, then  Del went back to work then the AA turned up all within a few seconds of each other.

The AA guy fitted the cable, Mark said his good bye’s and I headed home. All this went on from when I called Memmet at 01:57 till around 3am.

These are the real guys out there working their nuts off, while the trades are slagging off the RMT, not getting any further towards resolving our problems, all that it does is make drivers feel bad and despondent and shut themselves of from all the gossip.

I would just like to thank the drivers that turned up to help me last night, it has restored my faith in human nature.

Good will always over come evil and there are evil people out there trying to ruin our trade.

Be lucky, Steve.

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