A personal message from Bob Crow

A personal message from RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, in answer to the months of lies published in the trade media led by LTDA Taxi.
Dear colleagues,
recent attacks on the RMT by the taxi trade press are unfounded. I can only put forward the points to you as self employed working cab drivers and finally put to rest any doubts you might have about our policy. I can state categorically that;

* The RMT has no intention of seeking to control hours of London Taxi drivers.
* The RMT has no policy to introduce tachographs into London Taxis.
* The RMT does not admit minicab drivers to membership of the union.
* The RMT has no official dialogue with the GMB Union in respect of taxi matters.
* The RMT does not support satellite offices.
* The RMT has no interest in matters concerning other trade organisation membership numbers.

Anything said in contradiction to the above is untrue.

The RMT will support the London taxi driver in securing the best legal assistance, through branch legal representation. it should be noted that the branch has recently successfully challenged two revocations of driver licenses through representation at Court and at the Public Carriage Office. The RMT has also successfully appealed on behalf of some members penalty Charge Notices and recovered monies after a member had been bilked for a large sum. This is what the RMT can do for you. Think about it!

Be Lucky

Bob Crow
General Secretary.

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  1. dannyBoy says:

    Great , lets hope this will shut the Ldta up…for a while.

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