TLC for Cabbies


TweetaLondonCab by  Kate Moffet of the Telegraph writes.

“Tweetalondoncab are a collective of London black cab drivers who have got together to offer direct bookings of black cabs via twitter. It’s a great service and one I’d highly recommend. But it’s not the service itself that I wanted to mention, it’s the way in which their use of twitter has helped to build an offline community for the drivers.
“My driver was @cabbydavid and he explained how twitter has been fantastic for building a network of like minded friends,’I love it, if it’s 2am and I’m quiet, I just tweet that I’m going to xyz cafe for a cup of tea and I meet up with some of the other cabbies for a chat’. He went on to say that using Twitter had expanded his circle of friends and made the whole experience of being a London cab driver, just, well, better. Simple, effective and a reminder that social media doesn’t have to change the world, sometimes it’s enough that it helps us connect with others.”
This is a good reminder that simple, small ways of communicating can make a tremendous improvement to people’s lives. Finding like-minded friends was possible before Twitter, obviously, but Twitter has made it quick and simple to do. Likewise, the Tweetalondoncab service, which is a novel way of using Twitter to build a community and a business. The Tweetalondoncab Twitter account currently has almost 5,000 followers.

Published By Legalledoff. 14.04.10

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