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New Hope

27/03/2010 03:20

Just for a change I worked Saturday night, Normally the last Saturday of the month is the busiest but this wasn’t the case for me, it’s all down to luck. Later on in the night one of the drivers on Twitter got a call from the security at the Hurlingham club Ranelagh Gardens  sw6, they asked him if he could provide taxis as there was a function going on.

He passed that info on to me and I told every driver that follows me on Twitter via the TAG hit squad. It was a big success, we managed to pick up every person wanting a taxi, it certainly bumped up my wages that night.

This is a message that driver got from security in response to us providing a service to this club.
Well done to everyone who managed to get to the Hurlingham club tonight and the  management were pleased with the service we provided, they will keep in touch about future functions and refrain from using mini cabs.

It just goes to show what can be achieved with the right communication tools and for us that happens to be Twitter.

Also this Monday night I happened to rank up on our new rank in Argyle Street wc1 and noticed there was a function going on inside the Aqua restaurant I once again put the message out via Twitter and the TAG hit squad and we secured the rank till closing time another success story for  the TAG hit squad.

Later on that night I picked up a young lady named Cai Ferrer and she happened to be the Director of a consulting firm called Pure Consulting, we got talking as you do and she told me that she organized this event, it was the after dinner party for Clash of the Titans. I explained to her that I could muster up enough drivers to cover anyone wanting a taxi from these events.

She seemed interested so much that we exchanged phone numbers, before you ask she’s already married.

All we need now is for a DAC night controller to join Twitter and we would have an extra 2′000 drivers helping us, or even better those 2′000 drivers joining Twitter, that would add to my total of 66.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when we join forces, there doesn’t have to be thousands of drivers doing what we do, we are slowly but surely taking back the work and lining the pockets of drivers that would normally  be aimlessly driving around. we have our fingers on the pulse, Twitter rocks.

Be lucky, Steve.

4 Responses to “New Hope”

  1. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to how this twitter thing works and how do drivers ‘join up’ ?

    I’ve never heard of it until you started mentioning it on here, i suspect the other 24000 drivers out there will be in the same boat.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi David it’s simple really get yourself a mobile phone with Internet access, then download and regester with Twitter. When you’ve done that you might want to download a Twitter ( App ) aplication.it will make viewing better on Twitter. If using a iPhone it would be a lot easier but most phones will do. When your up and running you will need to follow two accounts, reasons explained in previous post. The first acc is called cabup, once excepted and checked you can then follow tag_hit_squad. The main acc which tells you when there’s a special need for lots of cabs.good luck and let me know how you get on.

  3. dannyBoy says:

    Hi steve tx4dan here ! I have just received my Htc desire to replace my Iphone and boy its cool ! Please can you tell me in simple terms how I join tweetalondoncab ? and how do I start to decide who I should follow? I have just been following who everyone else is with a taxi sounding name? pretty good with computers but just a bit lost with all this twitter thing !

    Thank m8

  4. TheLondoncabby says:

    Hi steve
    keep up the good work.
    Carl (thelondoncabby)

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