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Tag_Hit_Squad, cabup & TLC.

In the last decade or so we’ve seen a boom in technology, Tv’s, Phone’s, Camera’s And Computers to name but a few also social networking sites have taken off big time, texts, E-mails Face Book etc etc.

The main one at the moment for me is Twitter. Every time I publish a blog  it automatically sends it to Twitter, so anyone following me on Twitter will be updated and will be able to open the link to my blog. Within Twitter i’ve created another account called TAG_Hit_Squad, it’s for legit london black taxis only and it’s a locked account, to keep it private, all you’ve got to do is follow it but to be accepted you have to be seen by either me( @legalledoff ) Steve ( @cabbydavid ) David or ( @coopsE1) Dawn once you’ve been vouched for you you will be eccepted. The idea of having this account is so I can keep you all updated when we have controlled hits, demo’s and Protests going on in the capital.

We have drivers from all association’s and unions, I don’t discriminate against any driver as long as your a Licenced London taxi driver.

Another Twitter account is called cabup which is also a locked account for cabbies only, you will have to be vouched for once again, when in you will be able to chat to london cabbies in private untill your hearts content.

Cabup has always had this additional service called “Group Tweet”, which allows anyone that follows the account to send a direct msg to Cabup, that then get’s turned into a Tweet from the protected account.  So if I send a direct msg to Cabup from my @legalledoff  account that says “RAH has burst at 22:35 6/2/10″ that msg will be sent from Cabup in the following format “via @legalledoff: RAH has burst at 22:35 6/2/10″.

What we chat about is absolutely  anything and everything,we keep each other updated on traffic, ranks, RTA’s, etc etc.

There are 85 drivers in cabup and so far we have 62 and counting for tag_hit_squad.

there is  a new Twitter account @tlcchair, that all TweetaLondonCab work will be allocated from.  All drivers who want to claim any TLC jobs will have to follow this account, you will only be approved to follow this account once you have read & understood the new procedure and got your copy of the TLC Contact List.

Be lucky,Steve.

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