Kings cross taxi centre

A new cabbies eatery has opened up at the back of kings cross, in Camley street, it’s called the Kings Cross Taxi Center  (KXTC)

When you go up Camley street you’ll see this sign on the left just as you cross over the canal bridge.

The main entrance.

it opened just over a week ago but the menu  leaves a lot to be desired. While there the manager below was working on a more fulfilling menu for us hungry cabbies.

Everything inside is brand new and there’s  also a pool table to wind down with.

I went there Friday night with Alan aka @erb66 on Twitter, after a cup of tea a Cornish pasty and our complementary Danish cake, we hit the road.

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  1. Why has the KXTC closed?
    London Taxi drivers have nowhere to go to rest, thereby compromising safety and supply, especially at night, KXTC has closed I am guessing this is due to rent or rates increase.

    Is my guess correct?

    David Schendel

    Badge No: 44045

    Please reply preferred by email: either: nattyandave@gmail.com or Office@websites121.com

    phone:0751 729 4562…..

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