Dangerous drivers

Hi everyone

How often do you come across someone driving totally oblivious to what’s going on around them, I reckon it must happen to me several times a day, while driving around the streets of London,  either they’re on the phone, playing around with their sat navs or they are totally lost, either way all common sense disappears.

I was following a Add Lee driver down the Haymarket he was  in the right hand lane indicating to turn right then he changes his mind and pulls over into the left hand lane while still indicating to turn right, so I starts to pull round to his right, then he starts to pull over again cutting me up before parking up.

I had to say something to him but all he did was put his hand up as to say sorry.

Another time as I was driving round Westferry Circus when again another Add Lee driver pulls onto the roundabout and turned right towards me then did a t-turn back into towards Cabot square, my passenger screamed with fright she thought he was going to hit us, if it wasn’t for my fast reaction he would have. All this went on in font of Canary wharf security and they didn’t do a thing and by the time I dropped my passenger he was gone, unfortunately it all happened so fast I didn’t have time to take his reg details otherwise I would have.

my next job took me to London Bridge Station as I turned into king William St the  minicab behind me turned up Cornhill the wrong way round the keep left bollard again nearly causing an accident.

Another time I saw someone go round Brunswick Sq the wrong way, you should have seen his face when he met me coming towards him.

These sort of incidents go on a daily basis, keep em peeled.

Be lucky, Steve.

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