Outside Movida

As I drove onto the Movida rank in Argyle st last night Grant Davis was standing near by, so I got out the cab and shook hands with him. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he along with Martin Low, Bob Oddy, John Mason Peter Rose, Joe Royle and a few others were there monitoring the situation outside movida.

They even placed a guy outside holding a clip board, I thought he was a clip board johnny but was told by Peter Rose that he wasn’t, I guess it would have been a bit silly for a CJ to stand outside with all those officials standing near by.

20100226_7As you can see in this photo Westminster have dug up the pavement and erected a fence around it, right outside the London Palladium and  next to our new rank.20100226_4

While still chatting to Grant a young couple came over looking for a taxi, so in I jumped and of we went for about two yards, thats when I had to stop because of this white car blocking the road, he had come down little Argyle Street the wrong way, I was told he was drunk and the police have nicked him and I had to wait for them to move the car , I apologized to my punter and reset the meter.

I was also told that we will be getting a new rank for 3 cabs outside Cipriani’s at 25 Davies Street.

Thats my lot Be lucky, Steve.

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