One of those days

Hello everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
I have had a strange week starting with having a new computer fitted in the cab. The radio circuit are going over to a new operating system and I was one of the first to try it. The first couple of days were a disaster with no work at all going on the system on the first day and very little on the second.
So while I was waiting for the radio to spring into life I decided to put on outside Tiger Tiger as there were only 2 other cabs waiting. It was quite an eye opener sitting there and watching the touts openly asking the punters if they wanted to ride home in an uninsured and probably dangerous miniscab.

I have never put on out side TT before,as I was never sure where the rank was,but now I know you can be sure I will be there regularly now.

The funny thing that day was that as I was on my way home,at lunchtime( I told you it was quiet) I was told that the pco were checking for dirty cabs, badges and bills on Archway Junction. Shame they can’t get down to the west end occasionally to check the scum outside some of the clubs, but I suppose that may mean that they would have to admit there is a problem and they can’t do that can they!

Thursday was a good day with a few more jobs coming over the radio and some street work as well and I went home at a decent time with a few quid in my pocket.

Now on to Friday! I left home at my usual time and got to the M1 feeling quite positive, as there were a load of jobs popping up on the terminal. As I got to jcn 10 of the motorway I got caught in a traffic jam and there I stayed for over an hour, just watching all these jobs going begging on the computer.

When the traffic eventually got going I saw that there had been a bad accident involving a couple of trucks and I counted my lucky stars that I wasn’t in either of them as it was a terrible mess so my delay was quite insignificant in the scheme of things.

When I got off the M1 I decided to go up to Finchley Rd and see if there was anybody waiting for a cab. As I got down towards Swiss Cottage I noticed a Fairway behind me who was obviously in a hurry as he was nearly touching my back bumper! When we got to the lights he went in the left hand lane towards Camden Twn & I got in the right towards St Johns Wood.

As the lights changed he got hailed on the corner of Adelaide Rd and I went on empty towards St Johns Wood.The same thing happened at the junction of Allsop place, where I went towards Baker St and the cab behind got trapped by a couple coming out of the park and by now I was getting paranoid!

This pattern continued all the way up Oxford St with punters not seeing me and hailing the cab behind or the cab coming the other way or anybody but me. I was starting to think that my cab had been resprayed with invisible paint!

But my luck was to change when I turned into Regent St, or so I thought. On the bus stop there was a young lady frantically wavingl, so I pulled over and put the window down hoping for a nice job out to surrey or kent or even piccadilly circus!!!!!

The girl came to the window and was over the moon that I had stopped as she said that all the other cabs that she had hailed had refused her and sped off  into the night. When I looked over to the bus stop I could see why, there was her friend,sitting fast asleep in a pool of sick. The one that had hailed me tried to reassure me that her friend would be alright in the cab as she had already got rid of the entire conents of her stomach over the seat at the bus stop. She also said that she would pay any extra to clean the cab if her friend did make a” little mess”. I politely refused her custom and went on my not so merry way.

While I had been sitting there a few cabs had passed by and I watched as 1 by 1 they picked up along Regent St!!!! So I decided to go to Smithfield to get a cup of tea and hope that my luck would change. As I went into the market from Holborn circus there was a couple having a snog and I thought that my luck would change but no they just kept on playing tonsil tennis as I drove by. Up ahead the road was blocked by a lorry trying to get into 1 of the market bays so I decided to do a U turn and go round the other way. A cab in front did the same thing and as he drove by the kissing couple they hailed him and off they went!

So off I went round to the other side of the market feeling very pis*ed off but as I got caught at the lights at Long Lane I saw a fella trying to hail a cab outside of Barbican stn and he saw me and started to call me over.”this is it I thought the day has started but no, another cab came out of Long lane and the fella got in there and away they went.

So into the market i went and after getting a nice hot cuppa I set off again thinking that if I hadn’t trapped a job by the time I got to Tottenham Court Rd I would go home and start again on Monday. Fortunately my luck changed and the work flowed well for the rest of the night,including a nice trip out to Hainault which paid well.

Well thats me done for now,I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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