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Trouble at Abacus

You may have already heard that one of our colleagues was assaulted outside Abacus in Cornhill by a minicab tout in the early hours of Friday 5th Feb. I am sure that we all agree that this attack is a step too far.

Many drivers have been involved in the ‘Take the Work Back’ campaigns at Zuma & Nobu. Although we all know the touting continues inside these premises, on the whole, our efforts have made a big difference to the amount of quality work we are getting from there.

We are now proposing that the Licensed Taxi trade pay particular attention to Abacus. This is to show the touts that operate here that an assault on a Taxi driver going about his legal business is way beyond acceptable.

The time has come to stop the public being harassed & intimidated in Cornhill and ensure that they always have a choice when leaving Abacus; either hire a trained, CRB checked driver with a purpose built vehicle and a meter or hire a Sat-Nav merchant who will charge what ever he get away with.

We think it is important to stress that all we are proposing is to ensure the public have an opportunity to take a Licensed Taxi for their journey home from Abacus.

Why not try calling in there in the near future? Even if it looks busy please consider hanging up for a few minutes to increase our presence. Punters will never use a tout before us if they have a choice. If the customers know there will be a Licensed Taxi outside when they leave they will not be tempted to use either the Abacus “car service” inside or the increasingly aggressive touts outside.

We know, in the short term, it may costs us all a couple of quid. However in the long term, given we will take the work back from here, there is everything to gain for both us and the public.

Whether you are on a rank, twittering or perhaps on a DaC terminal, please let as many other drivers know about the assault and this proposal.

It is obvious that the authorities don’t have the will, resources or the powers to sort this problem out. The simple option for us is to give in and allow the touts to continue to believe that this is their work. Alternatively we can stand together and take our work back from people who have no respect for the law or the history and tradition of our trade.

If you are coming back from a job in the east then look in at Abacus. If you see a line of Taxis ranking outside, please join the queue. There will also be regular organised ‘hits’ in the near future, so watch this space. Alternatively check out details on the Forum.
We look forward to seeing you in Cornhill in the very near future

Be Lucky LTDF

We believe the success at Nobu and Zuma has been due to the professionalism of the drivers putting on there. Please continue this tried and tested formula and always remember to protect yourself and your badge.

Don’t get out of your taxi or get involved in any verbals with the touts, we all know that they have little to lose.
Be fully aware of the devious tactics they will use to protect their “rights”.
Remember that if you are asked to move on by either an Enforcement Officer or the Police then please do so (drive round the block) immediately.

A City of London Policeman recently told me that they are sick of these touts but are powerless to do anything about it, so let’s do something about it ourselves, please put on there and starve them out.

Thank you, and be lucky, Steve.

Written by the LTDA published by Legalledoff.

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