Rip of radio circuits

Hi everyone While waiting outside Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket a young lady came up to me and asked to go to  Barnes, on our way there she told me that she normally orders a taxi through her company, which happens to be Mckinsey,  I asked her why she didn’t this time, she says because she pays to much.

She told me she normally pays around £22 when hailing a taxi of the street and when she orders one via her company she will pay as much as £48 for the same journey and they send her a minicab not a taxi.

When I dropped her off the meter read £21.20, which wasn’t far of her estimate. Thats a massive admin charge, more then double.How do the radio circuits get away with it.

This particular lady told me she hails a taxi from the street 6 nights a week, saving her around £120. a week.

I know the radio circuits are doing what their account customers have asked for and having all their transportation from one company but it’s turning these taxi firms into minicab firms.

I think it’s all wrong, you’re either a taxi firm or a minicab firm, not both.

Moving on I just want to let you know that i’m going to Carbodies in Coventry on the 17th of February and i’ve got one or two questions I wan’t to ask them,  if anyone want’s me to ask any questions about their cabs nows the time, i’ll try and get answers for you.

Be lucky, Steve.

Hi Steve
Hope you are well!

I have just been reading you piece about the ‘rip off radio circuits’ and the young lady that travels to Barnes.

Just to put the record straight the McKinsey account is operated by WestOne cars and not by any of the three licensed taxi radio circuits.

I am sure the young lady was not trying to mislead, but I believe somewhere along the line she has her facts a little muddled.  You know as well as I (probably better) that the fare would no be £48 in a radio taxi, probably just under £30 including the full drivers run in and 10% gratuity.

All passengers from McKinsey that require a taxi instead of a car can have one (so I am told) and I would expect the fare with all ‘add ons’ to be approximately £30 as stated.

All taxi work except for any personal accounts that are held with other circuits go to Dial-a-Cab.

I hope the above is of some assistance in helping to put the record straight.

Kindest regards

Brian Rice



Hi Steve

As I pointed out in my earlier mail, the account is operated by WestOne, however, if the client requires a ‘real’ taxi, then that automatically goes to DaC via WestOne.

If the trip does go to DaC the price quoted by the young lady was indeed high!  Consequently, that’s why I believe there was some confusion.

Kindest regards

Brian Rice


rip of radio circuits !  Totally agree…as an ex dialascab driver myself I came off 14 months ago after 11 years on them….I now earn much more and have MUCH more feedom, but shhhhhhhsshhh do not tell the rest of them, let them all sit on ec5 waiting to cover the minicab work that the minicab firms do not want !!!


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  1. I see the usual DAC stalker from the butterboys opinions online site has found this site, what a fantastic interesting life you must have bud.

    If you don’t want to subscribe to a circuit, then don’t, but what the rest of choose to do, or not, has f**k all to do with you.

    Try cleaning your filthy cab whilst your at it, it’s folks like you that make sure Minicabs have work.

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