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Hello everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
We have been a bit busy over the last few weeks and have finally finished getting the house straight after the move, now all that is left is to start the decorating!

On the work front it has been a bit slow since christmas,  there seems to be some work out there but you do have to look for it. I have been following Steves example and trying to get ranked up outside some of the clubs that are plagued by the scabs and have picked up a few decent jobs from them, much to the annoyance of the scabs. The best one was from Abacus last Thursday night where I got a ride to Chislehurst, which ended with £50 in my pocket and not in the scabs!

A couple of  recent jobs have proved testing to say the least, starting with the German bloke that I picked up in Dover St last week, he had obviously had a few to drink and I had a bit of a problem understanding where he wanted to go but after getting him to spell it out, literally, off we went to Golders Green. As we went  round St Johns Wood circus he was fast asleep in the back and Iwas listening to Big George on the radio, when the fella in the back started shouting that I was going the wrong way and he didn’t want a tour of London!  Now I have found that if you are timid with these idiots they seem to take it as an invitation to have a go and then try to knock you down on price, so I retalliated by asking,quite forcefully, which way he wanted to go. He said he wanted to go up Finchley Rd, so when I pointed out the fact that we were on Wellington Rd, which is the start of Finchley Rd, he seemed to calm down. So off we went and he seemed to be dozing off again when he started to rant at me again. This time he seemed to think that we should have gone through the park so when I told him that it was closed due to the fact that it was 3am he shut up again but only until we reached the junction of the A41 where he shouted that he wanted to get out. By this time I was getting a bit peed off so I pulled over and said that would be fine, told him what was on the meter and held my hand out for the money. After a bit of searching he seemed to be a bit short of cash,about £10 short to be precise, so off we went to find a cash machine. We got down to the Golders Green rd Jcn and stopped by a bank where he proceeded to fumble with the cash machine for about 5 mins. When he finally came back to the cab he handed me £20 and held his hand out for change, but was not very pleased when I told him that there was still £3 owing, he started to have a rant and got very annoyed when I explained that the meter didn’t get turned off until I had been paid. After paying up he went to get back in the cab but I told him that he would have to walk the rest of the way.

I have been using a TX2 for the last few weeks while my cab has been overhauled and have been quite surprised at how well it performed on the fuel front. In the past when I have been in a TX2 they seemed to drink diesel but this one was great, even better than my TX1.

My cab has had a load of work done,including a full respray, and I feel that we did the right thing in selling it but it does looks great now( cheers Jason). The reason it needed a respray was the rust had started to creep in and I put this down to the liveries that I had put on when we first bought it and seeing the damage that it has done I would never have another one in the future and if you are thinking about having one fitted I would ask around first and see what other drivers think.

Now it’s time for an apology, last week on Weds night I dropped off in Charing Cross Rd and was heading up to Tottenham Ct Rd when I got caught by the red lights at Cranbourne Street. As I was sitting there, a group of 4 blokes came up and started to get in the back,I had forgotten to lock the back doors( a fantastic idea having them on a seperate switch in the TX2).  I told them that there was a rank across the road but they were having none of it and continued to climb in,the driver behind started to get annoyed and began to toot his horn so I took the ride.

Now I know that some of you will have a go and say that I should have turfed the 4 lads out but that can be easier said than done when they are beered up and already have the hump because they thought I was refusing them because they were black so off we went. So if you were on the Cranbourne St rank last weds night and you saw me nicking your ride I appolgise and next time I will make sure that when I have dropped off I will get the doors locked earlier to stop the same thing happening again.

Well thats me done for now,I will be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy and don’t forget if you are bored with riding around with your light on and getting no work, have a look on the cab drivers forum (L.T.D.F) and see what clubs they are ranking up outside  and see if you can help to get our work back from the scabs.

Cheers, Del Boy.

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