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Outside Movida

As I drove onto the Movida rank in Argyle st last night Grant Davis was standing near by, so I got out the cab and shook hands with him. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he along with Martin Low, Bob Oddy, John Mason Peter Rose, Joe Royle and [...]


Sid The Mini Cab Driver – Episode 2

Sid The Mini Cab Driver – Episode 2
A bit of touting, The following video has expletives and may offend.


Sid The Mini Cab Driver – Episode 1

Greetings, you don’t hear from me very offten, only when Steve has me make changes to the website or when I get bored.
Since Steve moans at me about illegal mini cabs all the time, and it’s been awhile since he brought me a beer, I thought it was time for a bit of revenge. – enjoy
The [...]


Is this the end for black cab makers as we know it ?

POLITICIANS are calling on Coventry’s black cab maker to come clean on
moves which could end decades of manufacturing in the city.
It follows Tuesday’s mass walkout by staff at LTI in Holyhead Road who
were furious to discover the factory’s main machinery had been put up for
sale on the internet.
As we revealed yesterday, unions representing 130 staff [...]


London taxi’s international.

17th february 2010
This is my first ever trip to Coventry where they make the world’s famous london taxi. ( LTI) London taxi’s international.
Our trip was arranged by the London taxi  branch of the RMT union, we all met at Euston station for the 09:43  train to Coventry. It was a very swift and painless 50 [...]


Bad bus drivers and more contra flow bus lanes.

Hi everyone I was just starting to cross over into the Haymarket when a double decker jumped the red light.
I was sitting at the junction of Great Windmill St and Coventry St and the lights turned green, as I preceded towards the Haymarket the 159 jumped the red light nearly ploughing into the side of [...]


The Brit Awards

The Brit Awards 2010 at Earls Court are being held on Tuesday 16th Feb.
They have requested the services of the London Taxi trade between the hours of 22:15 – 02:30.
Last year there were approx 500 Taxi fares from this event.
Let’s give this event a great service, and show them that the London Taxi trade is [...]


One of those days

Hello everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
I have had a strange week starting with having a new computer fitted in the cab. The radio circuit are going over to a new operating system and I was one of the first to try it. The first couple of days were a disaster with no work [...]


Trouble at Abacus

You may have already heard that one of our colleagues was assaulted outside Abacus in Cornhill by a minicab tout in the early hours of Friday 5th Feb. I am sure that we all agree that this attack is a step too far.
Many drivers have been involved in the ‘Take the Work Back’ campaigns at [...]


Rip of radio circuits

Hi everyone While waiting outside Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket a young lady came up to me and asked to go to  Barnes, on our way there she told me that she normally orders a taxi through her company, which happens to be Mckinsey,  I asked her why she didn’t this time, she says because she pays [...]

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