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Hits at Onanon and Abacus

Over the last couple of nights we’ve had two more successful hits, This one was outside Onanon,Wednesday night Thursday morningfaded out plate

We managed to stop the minicabs from taking any work for about two hours and there was a lot of work coming out. If only all the cabs that drive aimlessly around the capital night after night would do the same we would soon squeeze  out the minicabs, they would have to look elsewhere.


Our next hit was Thursday night Friday morning at Abacus in the city.


This hit was also a success, all the minicab touts were gathered together trying to tout the punters as they came outside.

We had a continuous  line of taxis ready to whisk the punters to their  desired destinations. This action also carried on into the small hours.

I managed to do three jobs in roughly two hours, and went home with a smile on my face, it was a bonus for me.

In the last couple of nights i’ve managed to top up my earnings, just from simple ranking up outside these venues. You could do the same at any club or restaurant you see touts nicking our work, all you’ve got to do is rank up, I gurantee you’ll get a job and  occasionally a roader, thats excatally what happened to my mate outside Abacus and he still managed to come back for another.

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Well done again to the Twitter action group (TaG) who along with drivers on the LTDF taxi forum have managed to take work back every night this week. And a big thanks to Dial a Cab who put messages out last night.

    All the knockers who have said we wont cover these ranks at the week end, we must show them they are wrong.

    Tonight Sunday morning 31st Jan.
    Tiger Tiger Meet at St James Square 1am

    We need more drivers to take part. If you are on the radio get them to put out a message, tell all your friends, talk to other drivers on ranks, tell the day men, lets make this work.

    If you normally pack up arround midnight just stay out and do one extra job. Every passenger you take is one less they take.

    We have started to make a dent in their pockets and they are hurting. Get behind the actions of the hit squad tonight.
    Not only that its exciting, try it and see.

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