TLC for Cabbies


This is Tweet a London cab’s first meeting since founder Karl followed by Richard formed TLC.

This is it, it doesn’t get any better,these are just a few of the many drivers that make up TLC’s driving force. In total there are 70 drivers with just over 3,000 followers, not bad considering it only started back in July 09.


The meeting started at 3pm and finished at 4:30 pm. there were a lot of things disgust and debated into the running of TLC. The meeting was a big success and the future of TLC was sealed.

The premises from which the meeting took place was loaned to us from a guy called Mark who follows TLC and he’s also the guy who thought of the iphone app Audio boo. A big thank you to you Mark.

For the TLC website Click here

Be lucky, Steve.

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