My old cab

On the 21/01/10 I got my second job of the night going to the Royal Academy  in Piccadilly and while driving down the South side of  Trafalgar Square my gear box suddenly disengaged and my engine started to make a really loud screeching  noise I told my passenger what was happening  as I drifted down hill towards admiralty arch, I managed to pull over into the near side lane and turn into Northumberland Avenue, I pulled up about 20 yards from the corner just before a bus stand.

My passenger got out and payed me of  I then pointed her in the right direction, then I called the AA, and gave them my details, the time is now 16:50. I then called my garage just to see if anyone was still there and by chance there was, it was a friend of Memmett the machenic, he holds the keys for hexagon just in case someone like myself breaks down and needs to park of the street, he asked me what time i’de be arriving and I told him I don’t know until the AA arrived then i’de call him back.

I then told everyone that follows me on Twitter what was going on, amongst the tweets I received was one from Gary tag name cabbygary asking where I was and if I wanted a tea, I repiled saying i’de love one.

15 minutes later the AA sent me a text telling me there would be a patrolman with me at around 17:35, thats exactly the time he arrived, then 5 minutes after that Gary arrived with my tea with milk and sugar to follow but no biscuits, while sipping my tea and chatting to Gary the AA man was fixing the tow bar to my cab, ten minutes after that I was being towed to Hexagon in Lukin Street E1.

20100122_3Thats me being towed under the Blackfriars underpass towards commercial Road.

On my way to the garage I called to let them know when I would be ariving and when I did arrive I was towed straight into their yard , while my cab was being unleashed from the AA van rifat the machenic asked if I wanted a spare cab, I couldn’t believe my luck, I was ready to go home but at least this way I can afford to pay for another gear box.

I worked that night and had a good nights work, the next day I called them and asked to have a reconed gear box fitted, then back to bed for a few more hours, I called the garage at 1pm to find out how they were doing and I spoke to the boss Jason, he told me he would fit a second hand one at half the cost of a recon about £250. I didn’t get my cab back that day but I wasn’t to bothered I just kept hold of theirs for a few more days.

Be lucky, Steve.

2 Responses to “My old cab”

  1. Tony says:

    I have used them a few times they are good, but Mehmet the mechanic is the absoloute nuts! He can fix anything anywhere, so much so that I have cancelled my AA subs and just pay Mehmet if I break down, he is cheaper, quicker and better!

  2. steve says:

    That’s not a bad choice Tony, Memmet’s got to be the better option.
    I’ll think about it myself when coming up for renewal.

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