One of those days

while I was trying to help an old lady out of the cab The 16:25 521 bendy bus was just arriving at Waterloo steps and he  kept his horn blowing continuously , my passenger started to panic, I tried to calm her down by telling her not to worry and she managed a smile but she was still rattled. What is wrong with these bus drivers, what is there problem. Another time while waiting to pull into Oxford st this time the bus was intermittently tooting his horn, I couldn’t see anyone in his way, he was was doing it just for the sake of it.

While waiting on the rank outside Nobu in Berkeley St, these two slightly  intoxicated  ladies came up to me and asked to go to Twickenham, I said ok, when she told me where she wanted I couldn’t understand a word so I said do you know your post code and to my surprise she did so I taped it in my Sat nav and off we went. Since coming of DAC  i’ve had to find an alternative for looking up streets and Navigiton Master sat-nav is my savior. On my way there on the Hammersmith flyover I was asked to stop because she wanted to get out I said why we haven’t reached our destination yet, she said just stop, I said you will have to wait till I can find a turning to pull into, she said now, I thought they are well and truly pissed.The other side of the flyover I turned off the main road, thats when the other lady said what are you doing.I told her her mate wanted me to stop, which started a argument between the two of them, they must have been using body language because I couldn’t understand a word they said but they gave me a green light to continue and for the umpteenth time they asked do you know where your going I said yes.I eventually  got them to their front door and got paid, thank god for that, as they walked to their front door they were slipping all over the place mainly because of the drink and partly because of the icey conditions.

When there’s plenty of work I would normally have made my excuses for not wanting to take them the main one being they were drunk but when jobs are hard to come by I lower my defence it’s not always a good decision though, this time I got away with it.

On Thursday the 14th at 21:17 Tweet a London cab managed to attract it’s 3,000th follower, quite an achievement and a milestone in cab history, well done to TLC’s founder Karl James and well done to all the TLC drivers because without you all this would have not been possible, and let’s hope 2010 will be just as successful.

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Whats wrong with Bus Drivers?
    Easy, they come from the same stable as Mini Cab drivers, Non British, little grasp of English and come from countries where people have no morals or education. In short, most of them are scum who shouldn’t be here.

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