Xmas through to 2010

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I last updated you all so here goes. The last three weeks before Christmas has been pretty hectic to say the least, instead of getting up at 10:30am, I’ve been sleeping in till at least midday – that’s because I’ve been going to bed around 4am. I’m now trying to get some sort of normality back into my life, particularly now that  the body is showing the side effects of the  mince pies!!!  need to get back down that gym as a matter of priority!

Christmas night I phoned my brother Mark in NZ.  I phoned him around 20:30 our time so it was 09:30 their time on Boxing day. The night before  I woke him up at 07:30 their time completly forgetting the time difference, I bet he wasn’t too pleased but then,  would you be ? The one morning he gets a chance to sleep in and I managed to wake him up. On our Xmas night I did a video link so our mum could see him and have a chat. While chatting I sent him a message via Ping, just to see how long it took to get to him and it was just under 2 seconds –  isn’t technology great, now we can talk at an instant providing the timing is right.

Tuesday night I picked up from the Funky Budda club in Berkeley St Mayfair. A young lady came up to me and asked if I would go to Beckinham South London – I said yes ok , so she got in followed by her partner, I got as far as Loughborough Rd when he asked me to stop the cab because she wanted to be sick, when I stopped she was already being sick in her hands, then she grabs hold of the handle with sick on her hands - he followed her outside, so I checked in the back and she had already puked up all over the carpet. I said to the guy couldn’t have you warned me before hand and he obviously didn’t understand the question because he said I did tell you, without going into to much detail, I ended up with an extra fiver for the mess. I wasn’t happy but had to accept it because he was too pissed and stupid to argue with. I managed to clean the cab out with water and a brush then carry on working.

Wednesday the 30th Dec I left home the usual time and  it was a very dismal and rainy night. I arrived in town around 4pm it wasn’t a particular busy night  – slightly below average but around 8pm my wipers packed up, great eh! after chatting to Errol on the phone I decided to make my way home but not before going for a cuppa and a bite to eat so off I went to Sweethins in Queen Victoria Street and when I arrived I sent out a tweet on Twitter asking if anyone wanted to join me - well low and behold Cabby David did after about 30 mins we departed and I made my way home slowly but surely.

The next morning when leaving to go and get my wiper blades sorted out I noticed I had a flat tyre, it couldn’t have happened on a worse morning it wasn’t raining but it was bloody cold it must have taken me about an hour to change mainly because it took me ages to get the wheel nuts off. When done I had to find a garage to fix my wipers so I  first  phoned P&T taxis in e2 no answer,then Hexagon in E1 again no answer.So I called  Memmet the mechanic to see if he knew anyone and he told me that Mr Taxi  in Cudworth St E1 had a wiper motor and they could fix it so on my way there I popped into D&G autos in Roman Rd and got my tyre repaired.

While getting a new motor for my wipers I had to pop into Sainsbury’s to get some cash from the ATM to pay the garage, then do some shopping, once back in the cab I debated whether to go back home or straght to work I think it was the traffic that made my mind up it was starting to build up, it just wasn’t worth going home first, so first things first: food, fuel, car wash then work, by now it was already 3′oclock.

It was very slow to start with but managed to pick later. Around 19:30 a Tweetalondoncab job flashed across my screen, the pick up was Onslow Gdns to Nw3.  I accepted the job and also the return when he tweeted us later. About a quarter to midnight I decided to have a break and meet up with Karl, the founder of  TLC  and bought him a coffee and then bought some TLC receipt pads off him, then after we saw the new year in it was back to the old grind stone. Later on I got lucky and managed to get a job to Harpenden Nr Luton Airport, after which I made my way home. Just after coming off the M25 I hit black ice, lucky for me there wasn’t any other cars on the road at the time because I slid across the other side of the road before I managed to straighten up. When I pulled into a garage I called the police to let them know about it. I hit my bed at 6:15 completley knackered.

Don’t forget you can send in your stories about London,they don’t have to be taxi related, just interesting click on the link and i’ll publish it.Contact Steve

And finally a piece to finish up with, London black taxi cab etiquette- how to ride in a London taxi, by Jackie. Click here

Be lucky,Steve.

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  1. derek says:

    Luton Airport Steve,and you didn’t give me a call? What kind of mate does that to a friend. You would never catch me going to Essex and not seeing if you wanted the job first.
    Happy New Year mate. see you soon.

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