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Hits at Onanon and Abacus

Over the last couple of nights we’ve had two more successful hits, This one was outside Onanon,Wednesday night Thursday morning
We managed to stop the minicabs from taking any work for about two hours and there was a lot of work coming out. If only all the cabs that drive aimlessly around the capital night after night [...]



This is Tweet a London cab’s first meeting since founder Karl followed by Richard formed TLC.
This is it, it doesn’t get any better,these are just a few of the many drivers that make up TLC’s driving force. In total there are 70 drivers with just over 3,000 followers, not bad considering it only started back in [...]


The night we found William and his Whistle – Black Cab friendly doorman

It was a quite night for the cab trade on Thursday 21st January, hire lights on everywhere. I was sitting behind a long queue of cabs that had formed a rank on Haymarket outside the theatre. A Tweet came through from one the @tweetalondoncab driver’s @Lee_Tax. He said he was unable to get on the [...]


Why black cabbies are qualified to solve the world’s wrongs

London Black Cab drivers are renowned for being ultra-brainy: we are expected to memorize the routes of up to 25,000 different roads in the capital, along with places of interest, important buildings, miscellanea, and we are not given a license until we’ve have demonstrated we have “The Knowledge”, with 70 per cent of trainees dropping [...]


My old cab

On the 21/01/10 I got my second job of the night going to the Royal Academy  in Piccadilly and while driving down the South side of  Trafalgar Square my gear box suddenly disengaged and my engine started to make a really loud screeching  noise I told my passenger what was happening  as I drifted down hill towards admiralty arch, I managed [...]


Outside Onanon

Early this morning 21/01/10, drivers from the LTDF and Twitter met in St James’s Square.
We formed two groups the first cabs hit Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket at the same time we hit Onanon, as we arrived, there were about five minicabs parked up so we parked along side them.      

A taxi rank outside this venue would [...]


Always use a licensed London taxi be safe be sure !

All of London’s Black Cabs are licensed by The Public Carriage Office and all drivers must apply to do “The Knowledge”. This means they must have an in depth knowledge of the topography of London, (no small task). For All London “Green Badge” holders, they must have detailed knowledge within a six mile radius of [...]


One of those days

while I was trying to help an old lady out of the cab The 16:25 521 bendy bus was just arriving at Waterloo steps and he  kept his horn blowing continuously , my passenger started to panic, I tried to calm her down by telling her not to worry and she managed a smile but [...]


Taxi touting in Paddington station

News has reached us of the fallout from taxi touting inside Paddington Station.
One of our drivers recently picked up a passenger who had difficulty getting in and out of his cab and indeed walking. She told him she had been passing through Paddington Station on her way home one evening (at about 9:30pm) when [...]


The all London knowledge

A few weeks ago I was talking to my mate Dave aka cabbydavid on Twitter about yellow badge holders coming into town and taking our work and what I would do I said I would have two colour plates one green and one yellow, it would be pretty distinctive to say the least. I told [...]

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