A moving experience……

Hi there everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
I have been a bit busy over the last few weeks but not in the cab unfortunatley!
We have moved house, not the best time of year to do so,we should have moved last month but there was a couple of hitches with the house details so we were held up and then I had to take 2 days off in the week leading up to Christmas when the heating and hot water packed up. Have you ever tried to get a plumber the week before Christmas? They are rarer then a cab driver who will cross the thames after 10pm!!!!
On the work front , it has been a bit better but not as good as it should be.
There have been a couple of jobs that stand out over the last couple of weeks but only for the wrong reasons. the first was a couple young ladies that I picked up in Kensington High St. They wanted to go to Westbourne Pk Rd and then onto Warwick Cres. Off we went and they were chatting away in the back laughing & joking. When we got to Westbourne Pk the first girl got out and went on her way. As we went to Warwick Cres the other girl started to doze off. As we turned into her road I heard what I thought was a sneeze and looked in the back & the girl was searching through her bag looking, I thought, for her keys.

When we stopped outside her flat she got out and came round to the passenger  window to pay, handing me a £50, and I saw that she was covered in vomit. So I got out and  looked in the back of the cab and saw that she had managed to miss getting any the cab. She started to tell me that she had caught it in her hand bag and coat and she was very sorry.I said to her why didn’t you ask me to stop the cab so you didn’t make a mess of your clothes but she was now getting upset, so I gave her the change and off she went.

The other stand out job also involved vomit but this time I wasn’t so lucky! I picked up a couple of city types on Tower Hill who wanted to go to E14.

I was chatting to Steve on the mobile so wasn’t taking too much notice when I suddenly saw a head appear in the door mirror and watched as one of the fellas proceded to vomit out of the window and all down the side of the cab at 30mph!

I said a hasty goodbye to Steve and stopped the cab telling the fellas that they would have to pay the extra for the mess they had made, they then said that they needed to go get some cash from the cash point at Asda on the island. When we got to Asda they told me to park up and they would go and get the cash as they were both drunk and weren’t too sure of the pin numbers, but I wasn’t going to let them both go until they gave me £20 which was on the meter.

They gave me the £20 and went off to get the rest while I checked out the back of the cab which was covered!!!!. Needless to say the fellas didn’t come back and when I went to find them I saw the footsteps in the snow leading out of the back of the car park.I drove around looking for them but I think that they had probably done this before and were not too far from home. So if you ever get 2 city twats that want to go to Asda E14 to get some money make sure you can park where you can see them.

Well thats me done for this year so I will wish you all a belated merry christmas and heres to a great 2010.

Cheers, Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    It’s that time of the year again,all the vomit blogs come out.

    Imaging that catching it in her hand bag, not a pretty sight to wake up to.

    and to have someone vomit down the side of your cab and then do a runner, it’s not good.

    Well Del lets hope 2010 is better then last year.

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