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Since the beginning of April 2009 London’s black cab drivers have been taking back the work that the minicabs have been nicking from them, and I use the word nicking because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.  TFL/PCO have allowed the  proprietors of minicab offices to set up satellite minicab offices inside the premises of restaurants and clubs all over the capital and therefore,  created a lot of problems for black cab drivers.

Most of the people that come out of these restaurants and clubs would normally hail a London taxi but since the PCO/TFL have given minicab firms permission to work from there,  London black cab drivers have lost out.

That’s why they are continuing to take back the work that was once rightfuly theirs in the first place - all you’ve got to do is drive round and see it for yourself. You’ll notice there’s a mixture of minicabs and black cabs at places like the OXO Tower restaurant on the South Bank, the Budda Bar on the Embankment, Smiths bar in Smithfield market, Abacus in Cornhill in the City, Revolution in Leadenhall Street also in the city, Zuma in Raphael Street Knightsbridge  and many many more scattered all over central london to numerous to mention.

To make matters worse, over the years,  the authorities  have turned a blind eye to the matter resulting on all illegal activity.  As you drive around you’ll also have noticed licenced and unlicenced minicabs and Pedicycles blatantly touting of the streets – it’s not just dangerous but illegal.  It seems that the Mayor’s Christmas campaign to warn people from using these vehicles has not worked.

Drivers from the RMT, Twitter, DAC  and the LTDF  have been campaigning for the last nine months of this year to try and put a stop to the sabotage of our trade. They forget that we are valuable voters!

This is what Jim Thomas of the Anderson Shelter had to say: 

What can we do? Well if things carry on as they are we will lose. It is now every drivers duty to join an association or union, it really doesn’t matter which one as long as you join one of these associations and unions to stop fighting each other, join forces and concentrate on the real enemy in this fight for survival.
Lethargy and ignorance will no longer be an option, as day after day the enemy make new inroads into our finances until soon we will be unable to make a living on a daily basis.
It is no longer acceptable not to get involved. If you want to see this profession survive beyond 2010, you have to join the fight now and join a representative body. Leave it much longer and it will be too late.

Check out Jim Thomas’s great site. Click here.

If anyone is doubtful as to the loyalty of the RMT to the London taxi trade,  just click on the  links below and make your decision. If you are someone that’s passionate about saving the trade from destruction join the RMT.

Or if you’re one of those drivers who couldn’t care less, it may be that is because you’ve only got a few years left on your mortgage or maybe coming up for retirement or you think we’re fighting a lost cause or any other reason you can come up with. Carry on reading TAXI, once you get past the adds your probably find a piece slagging of the RMT, a common  occurrence with them these days. Instead of the LTDA joining forces with the RMT they seem intent on slandering them, weakening our representation among those that can do something about the trade – it’s all a case of individual power.

I joined the RMT and I admit that they’re the last union on earth I wanted to be associated with - I guess because of Bob Crow and what I saw he stood for, the militant type.  How wrong was I that they are not like that at all, not the taxi branch anyway.  So now  I’m better informed on the goings on with trade issues and will help in anyway I can. I didn’t want to join the long line of cabbies sitting on the fence and not making any decisions on what to do - that’s fine just don’t criticise others and get happy to reap the benefits of those  that are trying to do something to help.

You can join online by visiting www.rmt.org.uk or you can contact the Branch Secretary via email: Londontaxi@rmt.org.uk or call/text 07899 786 433.

To join the RMT call 0800 376 3706 you know it makes sense, call now.

R.M.T. London taxi branch


The Anderson Shelter

London taxi cab PR

London taxi cab public relations

To finish up you’ll have all noticed we have a couple more bloggers: David Hopkins and Dawn Cooper –  both Licenced London taxi drivers and they have both already written their first blogs to which I’d like to congratulate them for doing it so brilliantly.

A  merry Christmas and a  prosperous New Year to you from all of us at legalledoff.

Be lucky, Steve.

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