Tower bridge,The RMT and John Griffin.

Hi everyone Sunday night 06/12/09 towerbridge
I picked up this guy in Victoria and he asked to go to Mill st se1, I don’t want to bore you with the trip details so I’ll cut to the chase, he told me that he’s the project manager working on Tower bridge  and that as from January 2010 tower bridge will be closing down night time for restoration and maintenance work to be carried out on the central part of the bridge, he also told me that Borough High Street will be temporary closing down as well and in november 2010 Tower Bridge will be closing down completely for a total overhaul, he couldn’t give me times or dates but says he’s got a meeting with TFL on the 07/12/09 to arrange the dates and times. For more infomation on this subject Click here.

Moving on Monday evening I went to a RMT meeting it was a packed house a very good turn out, a lot of trade issues were discussed and debated by dedicated taxi drivers in a orderly manner and it was very enlightening to hear about the many problems our trade is facing and no way where they bias towards any other trade or organisation. The RMT is the only trade union that is prepared to do something about our trade problems, some of the others just wait and criticize then jump on the bandwagon to take all the glory. For all you taxi drivers out there that are wondering whats going on between the authorites concering minicabs etc, join the RMT and you will be bought up to date with the latest issues.

Moving on again I was listering to Anthony Davis on LBC radio and he bought up the subject of the M4 bus lane. Last week Derek told you about the Addison Lee driver getting stopped, well he called to complain about this to the Addison Lee chairman John Griffin,   he was told that drivers using the M4 bus lane cannot loose their licences for doing so.  He is encouraging them to use it. It is very irresponsible of a man of his status in the transport  industry to say such a thing and if and when he gets his day in court that he so wishes for I hope they throw the book at him.


Anthony Davis also said that there has been 70 illegal minicabs caught in the bus lane so far and each one fined £30. Anthony calls for Boris to take hold of the matter and sort it out.

So does the taxi trade wish Boris would sort it out, he needs to sit down with trade representatives and understand the problems we are facing.

The M4 bus lane read on Click here

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Join the RMT?

    If it were the last trade body in exsistence, i’d do without.

    Socialists unite, brothers in cuba unite, Marx for president.

    They don’t represent my views and hope they never speak on my behalf as taxi trade reps.

    It’s 2009, not 1979.

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