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A moving experience……

Hi there everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
I have been a bit busy over the last few weeks but not in the cab unfortunatley!
We have moved house, not the best time of year to do so,we should have moved last month but there was a couple of hitches with the house details so [...]


London cabbies fight back

Hi everyone,
Since the beginning of April 2009 London’s black cab drivers have been taking back the work that the minicabs have been nicking from them, and I use the word nicking because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.  TFL/PCO have allowed the  proprietors of minicab offices to set up satellite minicab offices inside the premises of restaurants and [...]



Hello All
@CoopsE1 aka Dawn Cooper here . This is my first Blog which Steve has asked me to write on LegalledOff so I thought I’d start with a bit about me.
I got my badge on the 22nd January 2008 after 3 years almost to the day from Manor House to Gibson Square and a long 3 years [...]


Darren Johnson

This is Darren Johnson the London assembly chairman, who recently used Twitter to order a cab.This is what he said on Twitter:
“why is it so hard to get a cab from London br. I’m losing the will to live.”
He goes on to say ten pound tip for first cabbie to find me.  this was his [...]


How I got Involved with Twitter and Tweetalondoncab (TLC)

I knew and had heard about twitter and that Stephen Fry was an enthusiast but it hadn’t occurred to me how invaluable this medium could be to Taxi Drivers. Until one night on LBC radio I was listening to a business owner describing how it allows him to keep in contact with his workforce. It [...]


Tower bridge,The RMT and John Griffin.

Hi everyone Sunday night 06/12/09
I picked up this guy in Victoria and he asked to go to Mill st se1, I don’t want to bore you with the trip details so I’ll cut to the chase, he told me that he’s the project manager working on Tower bridge  and that as from January 2010 tower [...]


Oh what a night

Hi everyone as the title suggests, it wasn’t late  December 63 but early December 09
Before going to the pub Saturday night I asked Lester if it’s alright to change my Twitter account name to include the extra L and he said it would look better if I did so we created a new account [...]

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