All over the place, literally

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago -  more precisely on a Wednesday night – just leaving the new Chelsea Kitchen down the Fulham Road,  Errol and I were walking back to our cabs which were parked round the corner in Hortensia Road – we were both parked facing the Kings Road – I get in and the first thing I do is a u-turn, that’s when Errol says you’re better of going down the Kings Road because there’s a better chance of getting a job.

His last famous words.  I’ve been driving a cab for around 17 years now and I know it doesn’t matter where you are in London it’s all down to luck as it was for me, while driving up the Fulham Rd there was this lady on the opposite side of the road, so I slowed down and she indicated that she wanted to go in the opposite direction.

I often find that when I pick up down the Kings Rd or Fulham Rd they don’t want to go far, mostly over the bridge to Battersea. Well,   she threw me completely because  she said: do you mind taking me to Kingston? I said, yes no problem -  as if I would have minded.  Errol’s theory of there being more work down the Kings Rd might be correct but luck was on my side that night.  After that, I came back into town I got another job this time taking me to Liverpool St Stn, when I dropped the passenger off I put on the rank and got straight off to Hackney. You can’t always be lucky.

From there I made my way back to the OXO Tower restaurant, after 20 mins and 5 minicabs getting jobs it was my turn, a man and a woman came out and he asks me if I’d take them to the Chelsea Harbour Hotel then on to Barnes, I said no problem, and off we went.  Not thinking about where the Hotel was, I headed straight for Sloan St because that’s where the Chelsea Hotel is, well it was the last time I checked.

When I get there the guy in the back says this isn’t where I wanted, I say you said the Chelsea hotel, totally forgetting he mentioned the harbour, because all I thought of was the Chelsea Hotel, he repeated again, the Chelsea Hotel in Chelsea Harbour he screamed, then he said the Wyndams Hotel.  I said why didn’t you tell me in the first place?

It was best not to say anything because he yelled back and said I told you where it was. I said all I can do is take you there, I thought I’m not apologizing to someone so obnoxious, as I did a u-turn and passed the lights he said pull over.

So I did and he and his partner got out and walked off in the direction of the Carlton Tower Hotel . I thought, what’s he playing at?  so I did a u-turn, caught up with him and yelled:  you owe me £14  to which  he ignored  and carried on walking,  so I yelled it again, again on death ears, then he started to walk towards the hotel, so I yelled again and said if you think you’re getting in another cab without paying me, it just won’t happen.

Well at least it got his attention and he walked over to me the first thing he said was I want your badge n. and  I said why do you want my badge n.? you have just walked off without paying me any money and you’re the one breaking the law!

He said you need to learn some manners and I said:  why’s that then? he said because you told me this is where I’d asked to go, and I replied:  that wasn’t being rude,  all I was doing was telling you this is where you said you wanted to go. Then he said what do you want, £15?  I said that’ll do.  He gave me the money and walked off.  He still had to shout something back as I drove away.  I just ignored him.

My next job  took me to St Johns Rd Battersea, I thought great!  I said do you mean St Johns Hill? they said no if you take us to Clapham Junction we will show you where it is.  I said ok but I was desperate to find this Rd myself so I checked on my iphone’s  A to Z app and off we went. My plan was to head over Albert Bridge, heading towards Battersea Pk Rd then up Falcon Rd and  that would take me to where they wanted.  Not paying attention,  I did a right into Parkgate Rd and thought:  what did I do that for?  because I can’t do a left turn up Battersea Bridge Rd so  to correct myself and get back on line I had to do a right turn then a u-turn, after explaining to my customers what I was doing. I continued up Battersea Bridge Rd. They didn’t seem to be  bothered.

I turned left into Prince of  Wales Drive then don’t ask me why because I did another right turn into Cambridge Rd then Latchmere Rd, Amies Street right into Lavender Hill. They then said turn left at the lights,  I thought can’t really but after all what happened on the journey, I decided to do it, Job done .

What didn’t help was trying to check exactly where St Johns Rd was on my tiny iphone screen.

I hate it when I can’t find and know exactly where I’ve got to be before setting off, I need to buy that Navigation Master as it’s got to be better then my iphone A to Z app.  Sinse leaving DaC the only thing I really miss is the map.

When I make a mistake I mostly always acknowledge the fact and apologise, then  knock some money off the meter, but when people are rude that doesn’t apply to them.

Overall apart from a couple of mishaps I had a really good night’s work. Who doesn’t have a glitch moment?

Be lucky, Steve.

7 Responses to “All over the place, literally”

  1. LOL, we’ve all been there.

    I always keep my foot on the brake in the situation with the likes of the OXO folks, I’ve learned that punters really do think they can get away with paying if you make a mistake.

    I always offer to take them back to the pick up point if they want a freebie, they never take me up on the offer.

  2. dannyBoy says:

    Iphone…just got one can you rec any apps?

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks David the only problem with writing about making mistakes is that you don’t get a lot of sympathy, so your comments are much welcomed.

    Danny boy you haven’t told me if your a cab driver or not because I can recommend a few good apps if you are, other wise there are thousands to chose from.

  4. It sounds as though you were at fault in the first instance to be honest. I lecture at knowldegepoint and this is something I always lecture my students about.

  5. del boy says:

    Steve we all make the odd fupar but all you can do is appologise and get them to where they want to go and knock a few quid off. If they don’t like it then let them get out and get another cab.
    As for mr o’leary’s comment I think you will find that Steve said he admitted his mistake but the punter just wouldn’t accept it. In the real world this sometimes happens.
    I don’t know whether you drive a cab but sometimes we all make mistakes. I suppose the old saying still rings true “those that can do, those that can’t teach”

  6. dannyBoy says:

    Yrs a green badge and a LTDF/rmt member


  7. Steve says:

    Hi derick thanks for your comment you are right I was wrong and when not listening to what people tell you can cause all sort of problems and this is a prime example of that.

    I find there are to many distractions these days, ie phones,Sat navs, etc.

    I for one need to learn.

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