Traffic warden parked on our rank

On the taxi rank outside Nobu.

 I just arrived and didn’t have time to straighten up properly on the rank, when this car parked behind me so I got out and tapped on his window, no response, thats when I took a picture of his reg no.

Then he got out thats when I realised he was a traffic warden ,he was wearing a blue uniform with the name warden written on his shoulder,unfortunately I didn’t get his number. He didn’t say anything he just started to walk around the back of his car, thats when he said without looking or turning Arshole ! I said what did you say and he repeated him self and continued to walk away.I didn’t respond because I was shocked to what he said.

The cab that was behind me look on in amazement to what was going on.

Now I had to move up on the rank because there was a cab behind me and a space infront, so know I’m on point.

Someone walks over to my window, he asks how much to Harrow, I gave him a price,he gets in, as I did a u-turn. So know I’m facing Berkeley Sq and a embassy police car was just passing in the opposite direction. I cought their attention and they stopped, so I told them what had just happened, they said they will make a note and report it.

I pulled up a bit further to get level with the wardens car and take another picture.

My passenger was sympathetic with me, as he saw what happened, so he didn’t mind me stopping to take a picture.

I tell you something  the whole incident shook me up. When talking about what happened to my passenger it calmed me down a bit, by the time I dropped him off I was a lot calmer but still angry.

On my way to Nobu.

While driving down New bond I was just about to turn right  into Bruton st, when this car came thundering around the corner just missing me and nearly ploughing into another cab.

 Just to explain to people that don’t know this part of the world. New bond st is a one way st. This sort of incident takes place in London frequently. It was only a couple of hours previously when another driver on Twitter announced that while driving up a one way street he came head on with a coach a 4×4 and another car. people just don’t read the sign posts and road markings.

Be lucky,Steve.

3 Responses to “Traffic warden parked on our rank”

  1. David Kershaw says:

    Another Westminster Cun*

    Why do they recruit such scum? I’m betting English was not his first language just for a change.

    And they wonder why the BNP is the fastest growing party nowadays.

  2. Simco says:

    Dear Steve
    I was three cars behind you On Nobu rank having to drive around the parked car you mentioned to get to front of the rank. I have seen you speak to the police who parked up and were walking towards the rank. Only when I turned around POB I realised this was a Traffic Warden talking to Police. Well done Steve to get their attention. Until I seen your post I thought that the camera flash came from Wardens camera taking my picture while driving around his car ‘double parking’. I wouldn’t be surprised. Ponytail looked happy.

  3. Steve says:

    Simco thanks for your reply, this sort of behavior from a traffic warden is totally unexceptable they are supossed to ticket people on our ranks not abuse them. The more of us that get involved taking their pictures and reporting them to the police the better.

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