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Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
I am writing this little piece about the rubbish that is printed in the new copy of TAXI written by Steve MacNamara. I am a fan of  MacNamaras writing but am starting to get a bit bored of all the little jibes that seem to be going back & forth about the new ranks and who started them.
I will declare here that it wasn’t me , I was there in the start but only by proxy.

Let me explain. The first I heard about the “take our work back campaign” was one night as I got on the Finchley road just about to start work, and the phone rang, now any of you that read this blog regularly know that Steve, thats Emment not MacNamara, and I talk most nights ( or we did until he got his useless piece of crap i phone, now we just dial and hang up after the thing has dropped the call) and this particular night he was telling me about a female DAC driver that had been abused outside of  Nobu. As the night wore on he would phone me up and let me know the new developments that were being played out over the Dial a Cab terminals.
Over the next few weeks I was kept up to date as to where the impromptu ranks were springing up and having Steve calling me up to tell me that there was work coming out here and there.
Now I am not a big ranker, I SAID RANKER, and try to get by doing a mixture of street and account work, so didn’t join in unless I was passing by one of the ranks and there was work there and not too many cabs waiting.

I don,t know the names of the people that were there but they seemed to be the same faces each and every night.

As the weeks went on Steve has gotten to meet a lot of the other fellas and has even joined the RMT on the strength of what he has picked up from these lads and lasses telling him what the RMT are doing for the trade. Now you all know that there is more chance of me becoming a Tottscum fan than joining the RMT but good luck to Steve and the rest of his band of bruvvers,

(have you ever noticed that there are never any union members at a tennis match? I wonder if its because every time the umpire shouts “OUT” they all leave and stand outside picketing) Thats a joke fellas ok!

Now during all this time of Steve telling me about the illegal ranking he was also telling me who he had met whilst on them and at no time did I hear him say that he had seen Steve MacNamara or any of the other regular contributors to the pages of TAXI.

Now I’m not saying that they were not out there, they may have been doing their stint at other “ranks” but credit where credits due Mr MacNamara, the RMT and it’s members were there from the start alongside  the DAC drivers and controllers and lots of other drivers who just heard on the grapevine or the LTDF what was happening and decided to join in. So for him to say that they had nothing to do with it is a bit of a comedown from his usual good writing, no group can claim all the credit for the new ranks as it seems that the trade actually all got together and won out .

Well thats me done for now,I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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  1. Baz says:

    Nice article apart from the Spurs dig. Spammer boy ;-)

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