Another week over.

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.

This week has been quite busy work wise and even though I have had to put in more hours than usual it has been quite enjoyable. The week started with a trip to the garage with a headlight out, after a quick check it turned out to be the indicator stalk so I was quite relieved that I had started to rent as a replacement is about £100. It seems strange to be driving my old cab but having none of the expense when it goes wrong!

Monday started well enough with a couple of early jobs from Finchley Rd, only going local, but a nice way to start the day. I then got a London underground job which took me out to Morden.  The rest of the day flew by with lots of little jobs but not a lot of quiet time and I managed to meet my target on my first night for the first time in a couple of weeks.

On Weds I got a job from Finchley Rd going down to Sloane St and as I went down the slip rd from Hyde Pk Corner I had to avoid a drunk man who was trying to flag down a cab by standing in the middle of the road waving his arms like a windmill!

After I had dropped off in Sloane St I went back towards Park Lane , as I had seen a function kicking out of  The Grosvenor House, on my way down and was hoping to grab a job before they had all gone. As I went back up to Hyde Park Cnr the fella was over this side of the road and was even more frantic, making me stop by jumping out in front of the cab. When I had stopped he tried to get in the cab but I had the doors locked and when he came to the window he was so piss*d that he could hardly stand. He started ranting and raving, banging on the cab roof, calling me all the names under the sun. So I drove off leaving him there and when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw him trying the same with the cab that was behind me.

I went up around Marble Arch and back down Park Lane where I trapped a job going to Exhibition Rd. So off I went back down  to Hyde Park Cnr and into Knightsbridge, where on the other side of the rd there was a police van blocking the road dealing with the drunk from earlier. I dropped off in Exhibition Rd and the punter told me that there would be people comming out of the Grosvenor House for quite a while. So it was back off to Park Lane and this time as I went up the slip rd to Hyde Pk Cnr I saw that the drunk was in the little cage in the back of the police van and he was not quite as vocal this time.

I have recently started to listen to BBC radio London through the night and have to say that I find Big George either interesting or infuriating but either way entertaining. But the other night he was talking about the ” 7 noses of Soho” . Now I have never heard of these and after a bit of research I have discovered that there are supposed to be 7 noses cast into building around Soho and anybody that finds them all is meant to recieve untold riches. I am not interested in riches, it would be nice though, but I had never heard of this legend before and wondered if any of you good lads and lasses out there could fill me in.

I picked up a Finnish fella this week who was going to Deptford. on the way he told me that he had been in Finland 24 hrs earlier then just decided to jump on a plane to London to see if he could find work and stay over here for a while. He was carrying a guitar and told me that he was a musician and had already found a gig in Soho for the following evening and was looking forward to the next few months working in and around the clubs in London.

On Thursday I picked up a couple from Tottenham Ct Rd, going to the Corus Hotel in Bayswater. On the way they asked me about the cost of a cab to LHR first thing in the morning, we agreed a price and arranged for me to pick them up at 6.30. I took their room number and mobile number and went on my way. I got to the hotel at about 6.15 and went in to ask the porter to phone their room. I asked the fella behind the desk to ring them and let them know that I had arrived asked but he was more interested in finding out how I had got the job and where thay were going.

I told him that it was none of his buisness and just call the room for me. He wasn’t best pleased but made the call anyway, after he had contacted them he told me that they had said they would be late and that it would probably be better if they arranged a car through the hotel. Not to worry I said, I’ll just wait till they come down, which they did bang on time. When they got in the cab the couple told me that the doorman had tried to get them to cancel me and take one of their cars but when he told them the price they said that I was doing it £30 cheaper.

I know that we have some readers of these blogs that are not in London so I have put a few photos of the Oxford street lights on here so that you can see them too. I hope you like them.

Well thats me done for now I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    Nice post Del I like the pics, Arn’t they crafty buggers a the Corus hotel, well done.

    I take it you are enjoying renting your old cab, well at least you know all it’s faults.

    Be lucky.

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