United? We’re not!

Why can’t our trade’s organizations put their heads together and be united for once?  As far as I’m concerned the RMT are doing everyone a favor in trying to stop rickshaws from being recognized as a legal, roadworthy, licensed vehicles. The RMT doesn’t want them on our streets and I wouldn’t have thought any licensed taxi driver in the capital would either. Westminster City council want to have control over these rickshaws so as to hand out parking tickets and fines for box junction and bus lane offences committed. Control and money, that’s all they want. ‘Taxi’ also mentioned that rickshaws, habitually block the streets of central London whilst they tout gullible tourists to ride in their “death trap” vehicles.

Why would you want to register a ” death trap “ in the first place, it doesn’t make any sense. Well that’s what the LTDA want. Do you ?

The piece below has been published in ‘Taxi’ (the cab trade paper) since.The LTDA are calling on Westminster Council and the Greater London Authority to bring a halt to London’s further decline into third world status and seek statutory powers to ban Rickshaws from the streets.”( Lol)

Bob Oddy now publicly supports this bill, on behalf of all the members of the LTDA.

What is going on at the LTDA, why the change of mind ?

Now that the LTDA want the same as the RMT wouldn’t it make sense to lobby parliament for a change of legislation on rickshaws?

Write to your mp and ask them to change the law concering rickshaw, get them off our streets. you can contact your local mp through our website on the complaints page or click on the link below and it will take you there, contact your politician.

Don’t forget to carry on complaining on all the other issues as well. Just to make it easier to find I’ve listed all e-mail complaints you need in one place. just go to our main page and click on e-mail addresses.

Be lucky, Steve.

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