Nowhere to go

Monday the 19th october

Hi everyone,

It wasn’t one of my best Mondays as I struggled up to my break.  Afterwards it died a death,  so I made my way through Knightbridge into Piccadilly, then through Mayfair and still absolutely nothing so I headed south of the Thames to the O.X.O Tower restaurant, where I always manage to get a job. When I arrived there, there were minicabs parked up on the pavement and on double yellow lines, so I pulled up in the middle of the road outside their gate and twenty minutes later I’m bursting for a pee – much to my annoyance I had to pull off and as  I did, two minicabs managed to get a job which made me even more annoyed.

I decided not to waste any more time there so I made my way to the Budda bar on the Embankment, waited a further fifteen minutes no luck,  just before I pulled off I got a message on Twitter from one of the cabbies who I follow, called  ERB66, he  told us  that the minicabs were double parked outside Nobu restaurant, even though there were gaps near the pavement, I know how it happens, basically they were just being awkward because if they parked near the kerb we would park next to them, so they were trying to play it smart and trying to stop us from getting near the restaurant. A that point  I thought  to myself, what have I got to loose?  I’m not having a lot of luck so I might as well make my way there,  so I did a u-turn lo and behold a young lady hails me, I thought my luck has changed at last, Embankment station please! I said to her:  it’s a hundred yards on the right but she still wanted to go so in she gets, thirty seconds later I pull up and  she says: that was quick can we go to a cash machine?  I said your having a laugh, there is two pound sixty pence on the meter and you want a cash machine? she says that’s right!  I said don’t you have any change at all?  even without checking she said no, then she checked  and found £1.20p, without hesitation I took it.  You might think I’m mean but I saved her a few bob by not going to the cash machine.

Anyway when I arrived at Nobu there were taxis and minicabs double parked, causing havoc for the buses. Can you believe double decker buses pass here every night and every night they get stuck?  crazy! Well, it was all fun and games – the minicabs had the upper hand as they managed to keep us taxis at bay. They managed to block us from getting near to Nobu’s front door but it didn’t really matter because when people wanted a proper licenced taxi all they had to do was walk up to us and they did, occasionally one would escape and get in a minicab but overhaul we did ok.

While driving through the city Monday night I came across this band playing and I just parked up for twenty minutes and this is what I heard.  It was the most heart warming sound I’ve heard for a long time. They were celebrating  the 10th Gibraltar day in the city at the Guildhall. the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Band and Corps of Drums, the London Scottish Pipes and Drums and members of the Band of the Honourable Artillery Company.

At least my day finished with a smile  on my face.

Be lucky, Steve.

2 Responses to “Nowhere to go”

  1. Del Boy says:

    Steve the band were good , but the sound that I need to hear to put a smile on my face is West Ham winning. The way they are going I may have to wait a long time.

  2. Lester says:

    Steve you are going soft. You have taken people to the police station for less.

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