10 year rule.

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.

I heard the other day that Boris is going to make all cabs come off the road after 15 years by 2012 and then 10 years by 2015, now I know that this isn’t a popular decision with a lot of the trade but I feel that it is a step in the right direction. Before you all start to write in and call me names , let me explain why I feel this way.

Firstly, as I have said in a previous post, we need to compete with the miniscab trade if we are going to get the work back and that means bringing the fleet up to date. We all know that there are a lot of old wrecks on the road some of which are only held together by the adverts that are plastered all over them and god knows how some of them have gotten through the plate, and after a night out the last thing that the general public want is a ride home in a cold rattley dirty old cab so maybe this will help.

Now my cab is nearly 10 years old so this will effect me if I keep it but I have been thinking about changing it for the last year or so and have only held on to it because of the state of the economy. So this week I have been in touch with M+ O & Kpm to talk about their products.

Firstly M + Os they were very helpful and were keen to extol the virtues of the iconic taxi etc etc. But were a bit shy when asked about the problems with the rads and tyre wear. I also asked them about the rumour that LTI were replacing the engine with a Nissan but they wouldn’t comment so I thanked them for their time and called LTI customer services who told me that there are no plans whatsoever for a replacement engine, in fact the person that I spoke to said “110 percent no”.

So I then called KPM and spoke to a salesman who told me that they are doing a 24hr test drive on the merc but are now booking up to 2 weeks ahead as they are so popular. He also told me that the TX4 & Mercs are not effected by the new 10 ruling as there are euro 4 compliant.

Now any of you that have followed this site from the start will know that I have said , in the past, that I wouldn’t have a Merc but now the goal posts have been moved. If there are going to make me sell my TX1 then I may have to go for the merc as there is, in my opinion, no point in replacing it with a cab that is going to give me loads of problems. So I am off to KPM,s next week for another look and maybe to book myself a test drive in the merc. If I do I will let you know how I get on. Incidently the salesman at KPM told me that there are now over 500 mercs on the road in London.

I have had a few comments in the last few days about Steve joining the RMT and how that will affect our friendship being as I am very anti RMT. Well let me just say that I have more of a problem with Steve being a dodgy totts fan than with his joining the RMT, after all they are at least trying to help the trade and therefore do have a use, which is a lot more than you can say for spurs.

COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally can I just say a few words about Natalie Cassidy, I have been watching Strictly come dancing over the last few weeks and have seen & heard a few comments about the way she dances and also about her size. Now I know nothing about dancing and only watch the program because Lyn likes it so I will not comment on the dance side of things.

But I have picked Natalie up in the cab in the past and she is probably the nicest “celeb” that I have had in the back of my cab. Always polite and never any trouble. So she gets my vote, and as for people commenting on her size, who cares? She is doing a great job entertaining the public, always seems to have a good time dancing and always has a smile on her face. So, as Brucie would say, good luck and keeeeep dancing.

Thats me done for now, I will be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

9 Responses to “10 year rule.”

  1. k boy says:

    Hi always read your posts never felt the need to comment but as a knowledge boy i think its a massive massive shame that cab drivers are in my opinon buying minicabs the new merc..
    As your an avid supporter of the cab trade im very amazed your thinking of selling out to what is a minicab car and if this continues the iconic LONDON TAXI which is what tourists/London folk want will one day be no more..

    Yes i no im not a cabbie yet and money matters come in to this but i for one will be sticking to tradition if i ever get through the wonderfull !! knowledge.. good luck..

  2. David Kershaw says:

    Thanks to the LTI spokesperson above!

    When you pass the Knowledge, you’ll then find out what a heap of shit your ‘iconic London Taxi’ is, and just what dreadful value for money the latest TX4 is.

    The E7 is coming, 500 Merc’s on the road . . Goodbye LTI.

  3. k boy says:

    Lti spokesperson thank you David but as said im a k boy and have no idea what lti stand for or have any interest ill worry about the growing politics of the trade when i pass out…

    AS stated Money matters come in to it but if you start looking like mini cabs you will start getting treated like mini cabs and this will give the goverment or whoever the chance to blend the trades even more in to one.. So the London taxi is iconic as a symbol to the trade and to london even if its not so nice to run.. maybe some of the protesting should be aimed at the sellers of the tx range to make you better cabs…. Any way i got blue books to revise and points to find ill leave it at that… and what do i know any way have a good one…

  4. dannyBoy says:

    The Merc omg..Ok if you drive in straight lines….try working one on a wet busy Saturday night in Town convent garden etc etc Pushing buttons to open doors and carry 6 for £2.20 !! LOL

    Sorry but you might as well go and work for the scabs if you want to drive a scab cab.

  5. Mick Bailey says:

    Take your choice Danny Boy, I did, I now drive the most comfortable and reliable Taxi I’ve ever driven over the last 17 years.

    530 and rising, there maust be a lot of ’scabs’ in the trade then. Just wait until the E7 and the TW2000 arrives.
    Goodnight LTI.
    Still, you can keep your LTI product, we’ll be the ones flying past you when the AA are at your side for the 7th time that year.

    After years of these wankers at LTI sticking two fingers up at the trade, the trade, apart from you, are now giving them just deserts.

  6. Del Boy says:

    Hi K Boy, sorry it has taken me a bit of time to reply but we have been away for the weekend.
    I am a big supporter of the TX cab and have had my TX1 for 6 years now and would love to keep it forever but realistically that is not practical due to the mileage that I do. I would love to replace it with another one but since LTI have fiddled with it and put inferior engines in that is not possible.
    Once you have finished the KOL, I wish you luck with that, and you are out driving a cab you will find your opinions changing. I don’t know whether you will be renting or buying but either way you will find that it is hard enough to earn a decent living, especially in the current climate, without having to deal with a cab that keeps letting you down.
    If I am paying out in excess of £30,000 for a cab I want it to work not keep breaking down.
    My hope is that LTI will look at the success of the Vito and put together a better cab and then I will be able to stay with them but until then I have to look at what is available.
    Finally I would like to point out that it is alright you saying that we should put up with the LTI product “even if its not nice to run as it is an iconic symbol”. Well maybe I would feel a bit more inclined to do so if LTI had stayed with tradition and not set up factories in China whilst threatening the work force in Coventry with redundancies. Now I know that they are saying that there will be no chinese built cabs sold over here but then who knows what will happen in the future.
    Mick Bailey I hope you are joking about the E7 as an alternative to the London Cab as it is the most uncomfortable piece of shit that I have ever had the misfortune to be a pasenger in and if they ever let that be licensed in London it will do more to kill the cab trade than any thing else.
    We have them out here as cabs and to be honest I would rather walk home from the pub carrying my missus on my back than suffer the dodgy suspension and bad seating in the back of a badly converted french van.
    Cheers and good luck with the KOL.
    Del Boy

  7. k boy says:

    Appreciate the good luck vote mate nice one and i need it….
    As for the other bits well im sure every Cabbie and k,boy have there opinions thats what makes the job what it is,,

    All the best..

  8. David Kershaw says:

    I’ve travelled in an E7, and granted it’s not the best view, but at £23K I’d be having a serious look at one. The rest of the country seem to survive just fine without relying on LTI or a turning circle from 1767, I’m sure London will as well.

  9. Del Boy says:

    Hi David, if you look at all the pieces that I have written on this site I don’t think that you will find me mentioning anything about the turning circle, which I do find useful but not essential. My concern about the E7 is the fact that it is an uncomfortable vehicle to be a passenger in and if we want to get the account work back from firms like Addi Loo we need to have cabs that are as comfortable as their cars.
    I see that you put the price as your main reason for maybe choosing one not for the comfort of your passengers or the reliability of the cab. Obviously that is your choice and the choice of every other cab driver in london, if they ever get it approved, but I think that will be a backward step.
    I, for one, look out for a TX or merc cab when I am in London with my wife for a day out rather than get a ride in a metro cab or fairway and I know of many people who do the same.
    The last time that I rode in an E7 the driver told me that when he replaced it he would be looking for a TX !
    Cheers, Del Boy

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