R.M.T to the T.L.C

Hi everyone,

I’ve been pretty busy working and making a few personal and professionally related changes since my last blog. One of them is that I’ve joined the R.M.T Union – reason being is that I feel they are the only ones with their fingers on the pulse at the moment,That was until I read a piece in Taxi that read senior R.M.T offical Eddie lambert is joining forces with the G.M.B. union, a union that supports minicab drivers. I don’t think that’s a good idea. How can you join forces with a union that supports minicab drivers ? I’m not going to say any more until I’ve contacted the R.M.T.
Another one is that after 15 years of service, I’m having my radio stripped out at the end of the month. That decision was made based on two things: 1. because D.A.C’s continued alliance with the concierge service (a service offered by D.A.C where private car services are offered to customers that call the company seeking for a cab) and 2.because of a continuous decline in the amount of work which I believe is the result of a combination of the recession and because perhaps the concierge are getting most of the decent work that
comes in. That has made it financially inviable to continue as I’m not making enough to pay for the subscription they charge. As a result, it would be hypocritical of me to stay any longer with them.  I haven’t spent two and a half years doing the knowledge to give all our decent work to the opposition and contribute to their company.
The next coming months will be a time where I’ll be able to ponder and see how it works in practice not to be associated with a company.

Also, since my last blog, I’ve had a new back seat fitted at a cost of £85 + VAT and a new power steering box at £150 (being a cab driver does not only involve taking money). The good news is that Alexandra has finally received a decent job offer – after almost 9 months unemployed and 6 of those on the doll. After the news, we decided that it was a perfect time to take a short break so off we went to the Peak District.
Almost nine months ago someone hit me up the rear I’ve only just received a cheque for the  excess on that claim but I’m still waiting for a cheque for the cost of renting a cab.

This twittering thing is taking over my life, my i phone screen is continuously on watching and waiting for a T.L.C. job to appear. Well, last Tuesday, I did my first T.L.C job – not a long one BUT a tenors worth all the same. That one was already one more then D.A.C. that week.

“Don’t forget to keep on complaining and keep those donations coming” – you can find details of both of these on my site.

Be lucky, Steve.

3 Responses to “R.M.T to the T.L.C”

  1. David Kershaw says:

    The RMT?

    Sell outs. Its one thing having a company in bed with the little people, but a group of drivers who claim to represent our interests?

    Never. I’d sooner go without any trade group.

    The same people that used to fuck up the LCDC are now in charge. God help us.

  2. David Kershaw says:

    I should have added: Good site, keep up the good work.

  3. Mick Bailey says:

    Does the RMT ever muster more than 20 drivers on any of it’s demos?

    The rebels without a cause.

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