You couldn’t make it up!

I was driving down Oxford St on Thursday night, taking a punter to Notting hill and found myself following a police car. When we got to Duke St there was a miniscab on the other side of the road who had stopped next to 3 fellas and was asking them where they wanted to go. When he saw the police car he started to tell the lads to go away and the cops stopped and gave him a look and may have said something but as I had the windows shut I can’t be sure.
The police then drove off and the miniscab driver called the lads back over and in they got.
I stopped next to the cops at the traffics lights and told them that the scab had picked the lads up and if they were quick they could turn round and stop him but the passenger cop just laughed and shrugged his shoulders.
So I said to them that maybe I should just get rid of my cab get an old Datsun Cherry and just do the same as every body else seems to do. They both laughed at that and then suggested that they might even have a go at it themselves in the police car but “only girls”!
If makes me wonder if the years that I spent on the knowledge were worth it.!
Do you think that if I were to break the law and maybe do a bit of shoplifting that the same 2 coppers would be so easy going? No nor do I.
I’ll be back soon. Cheers , Del Boy

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