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On Monday night I stopped for a fella in Bloomsbury Sq who wanted to go to Pembridge Villas. When he got in I asked if  he needed to go to an ATM and he replied, in broken English, that he did.
When we got to  Tottenham Ct Rd I stopped at the Abbey and pointed to the [...]


Nowhere to go

Monday the 19th october
Hi everyone,
It wasn’t one of my best Mondays as I struggled up to my break.  Afterwards it died a death,  so I made my way through Knightbridge into Piccadilly, then through Mayfair and still absolutely nothing so I headed south of the Thames to the O.X.O Tower restaurant, where I always [...]


R.M.T. Statement

Statement From The RMT Taxis Branch London
Reference the recent allegations made in Taxi Newspaper (published by the LTDA). These allegations are in the hands of our legal advisers and we, the Branch, will take their advice as to whether to take legal action on this matter.
However, in the meantime,, as Branch Chairman I would like [...]


The hurlingham club

On Friday 16th October 2009
The security guy told me he’s doing the knowledge and he’s on our side. this is what he said.
I would like nothing more then to let you guys rank at the front but I’ve been told not to let you do this.
Aparently security contacted com cab to get cabs down there [...]


10 year rule.

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
I heard the other day that Boris is going to make all cabs come off the road after 15 years by 2012 and then 10 years by 2015, now I know that this isn’t a popular decision with a lot of the trade but I feel that [...]


R.M.T to the T.L.C

Hi everyone,
I’ve been pretty busy working and making a few personal and professionally related changes since my last blog. One of them is that I’ve joined the R.M.T Union – reason being is that I feel they are the only ones with their fingers on the pulse at the moment,That was until I read a [...]


Reclaim the streets

Our campaign against the minicabs touts is gaining in strengh. the BBC have recently been filming the illegal activities of these touts also Drivers from the Taxi Drivers Forum the ( ltdf ) have started a leaflet campaign but they need your support and money to make it happen. So get yourselfs down to the portacabin beside J.V.Brights in the old Texaco garage [...]


You couldn’t make it up!

I was driving down Oxford St on Thursday night, taking a punter to Notting hill and found myself following a police car. When we got to Duke St there was a miniscab on the other side of the road who had stopped next to 3 fellas and was asking them where they wanted to go. [...]


Say no to 19

This is a piece by John Kennedy Say NO to 19,

lst other trade organisations claimed a “victory” for reversing the PCO/TFL decision for allowing an individual with a serious criminal conviction on the knowledge the RMT London taxi branch moved onto to the next problem facing the trade which is the “London Local Authorities & [...]

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