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Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough.

I have been a bit busier than in the last few weeks and I must say that it is about time too. The cab has had a couple of problems over the last couple of weeks , starting with a burst radiator the other tuesday. Luckily I had just got off the M1 when I saw a bit of steam coming from under the bonnet, by the time I had pulled over it had turned into a full blown sauna!

I was on my way to a job in Golders Green at the time so after a quick look under the bonnet and a gallon of water being added to the rad, off  I went. I refilled the water can that I keep in the boot at the petrol station on Edgware rd and arrived just in time for the pick up which was going to Elephant & Castle. By the time we arrived the rad was steaming again, so after dropping off the job I had another look for the leak. I couldn’t see where the water was coming from but it looked like the water pump, so I refilled the rad left the cap on the expansion tank loose and hoped for the best!

I managed to work for the rest of the night, only refilling the rad 3 times, and at 7.30 in the morning I was waiting outside Hexagon for them to open.

They did a quick pressure check and found that the rad had split where the top tank met the rad core and was sending a jet straight onto the fan which is why I thought the water pump had gone. Less than 2 hours later the cab had a new rad fitted and had been serviced and I was on my way home.

Over the next few days I had a couple of  funny jobs, including a fella who hailed me in Oxford St wanting to go to Richmond. He was about 50′ish and had obviously had a few too many to drink. I asked him whereabouts in Richmond and he said the top of Richmond Hill, so off we went. When we arrived he was fast asleep and I had to shout loudly to wake him up, so when he told me that we were at the wrong end of the hill I reminded him that this is where he told me to go. He then proceeded to direct me to his house and when we arrived there was £39.80 on the meter, the fella handed me £40 and said ” give me a recipt and I’ll have my change”. When he gave me the money I dropped a £20 note and thought that it fell into the back of the cab, so I asked the fella to have a look and see if it was there but he ignored me and just took his change and receipt and left. I pulled the cab around the corner and had  a look in the back for the other 20 and found it along with a tenner that was also on the floor. Now I don’t know if the tenner was his but if he hadn’t been so rude he would have been better off at the end of the day!

Another strange one was the couple that I picked up last Friday who wanted to go to Eltham. So off we went , the couple were in the back getting better aquainted and I was chatting to Steve on the mobile. As we went down Jamaica Rd the lady started to look around and then asked me where we were, when I told her she started to scream and shout, in fact it was so bad that Steve hung up, telling me that he would talk to me later!

I pulled over and asked her what was wrong , to which she replied that she was from Soke Newington and always got scared when she crossed the river, now I feel the same when I am over on the dark side, but her reaction was a bit extreme. I told her that I would take her home if she wanted me to but the fella seemed to think that as he was paying he had the last word and told me to carry on to Eltham. I told him that if the lady wanted to go home then that was where we were going and if he didn’t like it he could get out and find another cab.

After a minute or so the girl calmed down and said that it was the drink and that she was fine to go on to Eltham, so off we go again. As we went along the fella started to chat to me and was asking how my night had been and whether I had ever had problems getting paid, so I was starting to get a bit edgy and thought that he was going to try to do a runner when we got to Eltham so all the way there I never took my foot off the brake until the cab was moving enough to keep the doors locked.

When we got to Eltham High Rd the girl asked me to stop at an ATM so I started to feel a bit better. We stopped at the Nat West and she went to get some cash and the fella decided that he would get some too. As he got out he asked if I thought that I could out run him if he legged it, so I replied that he was probably faster than me but I didn’t think that he could outrun the cab. To which he answered that he would be back straight away!

They picked up the cash and then directed me to his house where they paid up with no hassle and went inside to complete their evening.

Last Tuesday I left home at the usual time and noticed that the door lock light on the dashboard stayed on, now I know that this is connected to the meter so I turned it on and sure enough it wasn’t reading the distance, in fact over a journey of 20 odd miles it didn’t reach £20, so I did a quick about turn and went back home to bed.

I went straight to the garage in the morning and was told that the transducer cable had gone so it was back on the ramp for more surgery. An hour or so later and I was on my way to work.

Now I know that i have extolled the virtures of my garage before but credit where credits due, 2 breakdowns in 2 weeks and the cab was repaired in the quickest time possible with no fuss both times. So if you are unhappy with your garage give Hexagon in Lukin Street a try you won’t be disapointed and if you rent a cab they will do you a deal there too. You will find a link to Hexagon in our friends list on the main page.

Well thats me done for now, I’ll be back soon.

Cheers Del Boy

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