Mini-Cab driver who deliberately ran over a man in Soho.

This piece is  from the Evening Standard which was published on Friday, 18th Sept. It’s about a  Mini-Cab driver who deliberately ran over a man in Soho.

Russell Croft had just picked up a party of solicitors from the Ivy Restaurant in Soho when he used his S-Type jaguar as a lethal weapon to run over engineer Michael Wiggs.

He was taking his passengers to Chinawhite Nightclub and left his victim with”catastrophic injuries ” including a fractured skull, a punctured lung and broken ribs and legs.

Mr Wiggs, 32 was in hospital for three weeks following the attack on 14 June last year and still has nerve damage in his hands and suffers from anxiety attacks.

russell croftThe article goes on to say Croft was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving at Southwark Crown Court. The judge says Croft was seen by witnesses on his phone laughing and smiling and appeared calm.

Russell croft on the left

Croft of Tadworth, Surrey, told police that he ran him over but later claimed it was an accident and denied the charges,  saying Mr Wiggs was drunk.

Croft was jailed for four years.

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