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Hi there just a quick note to let you know that Steve, or should that be Lester, has added a new page where you can add you own stories from London,past and present.
You have to send them into Steve and he will post them in the “YOUR STORIES” page.
We have started this off with a story that was sent to us by a friend of mine named Mike Parsons who was born in London but moved out years ago. Mike still loves the capital and comes back regularly to visit and explore the hidden parts, in fact I will often get an E’mail containing a photo or an obscure place name that he has found asking me if I have ever seen it. It’s like being on 21’s but without the nerves.
Have a read and hopefuly you will enjoy the story.
Just a quick thanks to Mike for the idea and good luck with the book I look forward to having a read when its published.
Cheers Del Boy

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