Finchley Rd touts

Hi there everybody hope you are well and earning enough.
This is just a quick post to let you all know of something that I have noticed over the last couple of days.
I come to work at midnight every morning and head down the M1,  if I don’t get a radio job on the way(HA,HA) I head down the Finchley Rd. Now some mornings, if I am lucky, I will pick up punters that have just got off the coach from Stanstead that drops off on the Finchley Rd and then again along Wellington rd.
One day last week I was lucky and was hailed by a couple that had just got off the coach and after they had got in they told me that they had been approached by the driver of a red car asking them if they wanted a cab. As these were local people they knew that he wasn’t a cab driver so they told him to get lost and trapped me instead.
The couple only went to Mill Lane so after I had dropped them off I went back up Finchley Rd and had a look. Sure enough he was still waiting by the bus stop, there is a red box marked out for loading and he was sitting in there .
I waited for a little while and when the next coach came down he was at it again. So I pulled along side him and asked what he was doing only to be told that he was pre booked and to get lost. The people he had tried to get  in his miniscab, yes it was licensced, turned on their heels and got in my cab.
Over the next few days he was always there so I started to park up behind him, with my light off so I can’t get into trouble for illeagal ranking! and as soon as the coach has set down I put my light on and drive by the coach stop which has meant that I have picked up from there each time.
So if you are driving along Finchley Rd between 12 midnight and 2am have a quick look at the bus stop opposite the O2 center and you will probably see a red Peugeot saloon, Y reg waiting to our work from the coaches.
Its bad enough that they are at it outside every club in london but now it seems that nowhere is safe.
Cheers thats me done for now Del Boy

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