Penalty Charge Notice for sitting on a Taxi rank

At 1:30 am this morning I was ranked up outside Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket there were two other cabs behind me and a minicab parked up at the head of the rank, of which the driver got out and went into Tiger Tiger. While I was chatting to the cab  driver behind me he noticed a warden passing on the opposite side of the road so he pointed in the direction of the minicab, the warden then walked over to the car at the same time the driver was walking back, I don’t know what was said but the minicab didn’t move.

20090903_1So the warden came towards us and said we’re parked on a bus stop, we told him that we are allowed to rank up and Westminster haven’t marked out the taxi rank yet, we also told him that he should look at the signage at the head of the rank and that would explain the times we’re allowed to rank up. he couldn’t be bothered to look, instead he gave me a ticket, at the same time someone was getting in the back of my cab.

Later on I was informed that one of the other drivers that was ranked up behind me also got a ticket and that he was going to let the L.T.D.A deal with.

20090903_2Today I called Taxi Drivers & Owners Legal Protection and spoke to Alan Flemming, he said he would deal with my ticket.


This is a Legitimate taxi rank of which all Westerminster wardens know about but some refuse to acknowledge.

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Steve in your article you never mentioned if the phv driver recieved a ticket

  2. steve says:

    jim your right i forget to mention if the minicab got a ticket , as far as we could see he didn’t. He wasn’t there long enough to have issued one.

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