Murad Qureshi & His Anti Black Cab Campaign

I’ve taken this piece from the ‘London Paper’ dated 19th August, by John Dunne.

‘Black cabs spew out too much CO2 and Londoners should use more eco friendly private minicabs’. These are the words of Murad Qureshi and he has pledged to use his position as chairman of the London Assembly environment committee to steer the public away from black cabs – he said that in 2007-8, the 21,000 black cabs in London produced almost the same amount of carbon dioxide as the capital’s 46,000 private hire vehicles.

MuradQureshi(1)He added: “For the eco-conscious Londoner who needs to use a taxi service, a licenced private hire minicab is the greener option”.

It is disappointing how this man has the audacity to acuse black cab drivers of spewing out to much CO2 emissions and say that he’ll encourage people to use mini cabs because of the impact on the environment is beyond me -  he’s obviously anti black cab!

All black cab drivers paid a lot of money to have new  exhausts fitted in order to minimise emissions.  I had my fitted in April/07 to which I paid £1,765 for my exhaust and in total £2,200 to have it fitted.

Now this man has pledged to use his position as chairman of the London Assembly environment committee to steer the public away from black cabs. I strongly believe that there is a misconception and under recognition with regards to the trade. We deserve more respect and support from the authorities not someone trying to stain our reputation and therefore make black cabs history. British tradition is rapidly disappearing and we need to put a stop to it!

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. The figures I used to compare the emissions of black cabs and minicabs are from TfL’s Environment Report Data Tables (December 2008). The publication is available online here: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/corporate/environment-report-2008-data-tables.pdf.

    The figures for 2007-8 are as follows:

    CO2 emissions (tonnes)
    Taxis 249,496, PHVs 250,393

    NO2 emissions (tonnes)
    Taxis 698, PHVs 635

    PM10 emissions (tonnes)
    Taxis 51, PHVs 44

    In other respects, however, the article in thelondonpaper, on which your post is based, did not present my arguments accurately. I have sent a letter today correcting their report (see text below) which I hope will clear up any misunderstanding.

    I write in response to a report in thelondonpaper (Black cabs ‘cost too much CO2′, August 19) that seriously misrepresents my position.

    Firstly, I have expressed my views on this issue as an individual Assembly Member, not in my capacity as chair of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee.

    Nor have I called for people to stop using black cabs. In a recent article I stated that black cabs are “a permanent and necessary part of London’s transport network” and emphasised that nobody is proposing to replace them with minicabs.

    What I have pointed out is that a black cab produces more pollution than a minicab and that as things stand the latter is the greener option. My aim has been to get black cabs to clean up their act.

    In that connection my main argument, which your report failed to mention, is that Mayor Boris Johnson should reinstate the six-monthly inspections for black cabs that he abolished last November.

    This is clearly part of the silly season and Londoners should not believe everything they read in the papers.

  2. Steve says:

    Regardless of the figures, the article publishes your words in a way that negativelly affects the trade. We would like to see that corrected – ‘part of the silly season’ or not, your words (that of a public figure) in the paper recommends the general public to use minicabs. If you indeed think that black cabs are “a permanent and necessary part of London’s transport network”, what about proving that by actively supporting the trade?
    I am unaware of any part of the article mentioning about six monthly inspections – that’s another story.

  3. Murad Qureshi says:

    My Tribune article, on which thelondonpaper’s report was based, can be read here:


    As you can see, the central point of the article is the need to reinstate six-monthly inspections.

    The background to the article is the exchange I had with Boris on this issue at Mayor’s Question Time last month.

  4. Tw1ttercab says:

    So from these numbers can i assume that a single Taxi produces approx 0.55 pounds of emissions per mile based on an average 36, 000 miles per year or is there a standard pounds per mile used

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