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Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to find someone that can sell me an ignition barrel for my Fairway because a couple of weeks ago my ignition key got damaged and I took a chance putting the key in – well I did and it started ok but the key wouldn’t come out so I started  searching  for someone that would have one for me. Basically, if I tried to take the key out and it broke, I would have been stuffed so my plan was to find someone with an ignition barrel and get myself outside their door then try and take my key out, and then get the key cut, saving myself a fortune on a barrel.

What was making it more difficult was the fact that they have stopped manufacturing them and I’m having a job  finding a second hand one, I called M&O, KPM and tried lots of smaller workshops still no luck, so I thought I’ll call  Carbodies and find out who supplies them, probably Ford but I’m still waiting for a reply.

A day later I called Carbodies again, this time I managed to talk to somebody but when I asked the question can you tell me who supplies the ignition barrels for Fairway taxis, he simply said we’re not obliged to tell you, I did ask why but the answer was not so straight forward so I won’t bore you with the details.

Later on I thought I’d call Dell Boy to see if he knew of anyone. He told me about two guys: one was Memmet the mechanic whose number I already had, and the other one was from the taxi adds called ‘We Love Fairways’ and they told me that he orded 40 of these barrels and they’ve all gone. Just my luck!

Unlike the buses, when three used to come at once, I missed bloddy 40 of the buggers! He also told me about a cab brokers in Croydon, so I gave them a call and I keep getting an answerphone, so I thought I’ll call Memmet, to see if he could get hold of any barrels, the answer came back as yes, yippee, I thought at long last, then I asked how much, he told me £70 pound to which I nearlly hit the roof. I said ok, I’ll be in touch, well I thought that was a bit of a rip off until I called my old garage ( coincidently ) he’s got the same name, Memmet but I spoke to his partner Ebo, just as helpful but more expensive.

He wanted to charge half the price of a new one plus labour, so I called M&O,  and was told that they’d cost £96.17 (inc VAT).  The garage wanted to charge a total of £95. I thought, you cheeky git,I know why I don’t use you anymore. I couldn’t get any better offers so I called Memmet the mechanic back and told him I’ll pop round Friday afternoon. Well,  Friday’s here and I’m  parked outside Memmet’s workshop and I tried gently easing my key out of the barrel and it worked, so all I had to do now was find myself someone to cut a new key for me.

By the way, I’m still waiting for a settlement on my accident back in December 08, it as now been passed over to my insurance company’s solicitors so they can set a date to take the third party to court and there’s a possibility that I’ll get called up, but I hope not.

It was our 10th wedding anniversary on the 13th and we’re throwing a party on the 29th. I would love to invite you all but I don’t think my budget would stretch that far.

I was on the rank outside Zuma restaurant, when these two guys came out. They asked me to wait a bit. So on with the meter and I then moved up a few yards to where they were standing and they told me they were waiting for 5 young ladies to come out.  When they eventually did appear, they walked past my cab, one of the guys told them that the cab was for them and her reply was we have our own transport!  With that,  they all continued towards the parked cars a few yards back, not even bothered to look back or pay me off.

So I shouted after him oi ! what about the meter? I’ve got £5.40 on it and he said to me : you were waiting there anyway so why should we pay you. I said because you hailed me, and as far as I’m concerned that’s a fare and you should pay. He turned his back and started to get in to a car.

One of the ladys walked over to me and asked how much was on the meter  and she said that her dad’s a cab driver and she wouldn’t like me not getting paid. I was in two minds to take the money off her but she insisted and I took it.

Thursday, 6th Aug I got flagged down in Southwark St, by someone who turned out to be the minicab’s marshall. He pointed towards the OXO Tower Restaurant and as I pulled up, there were the punters and an entourage guiding them out of the gates. They opened my back door and in they got. I said to him that’s definetly one for the books! Where to, your honour?  Sorry I mean govenor and he said, Geralds X please and don’t hold the horses off we go, a very happy cabbie indeed!

You must all have heard about the robbery in New Bond St last week. When they arrived in a black cab and got away with £40 million worth of jewellery at Graff the Diamond Jewellers. Well guys it’s a lot of dosh, if you need a spare matress to hide any of the diamonds in, don’t be afraid to call.

Well done to everyone that turned up at the Tiger Tiger demo on Saturday morning. This happended as a result of the L.T.D.F and Twitter. I would just like to make a point, it’s all well and good for the warden to go and tell his buddies back at the office about this situation but I’m not sure it’s that simple. For more info on this and other trade issues click on the link:  The Anderson Shelter.

Well, that’s me nearly done. I would like to thank  Del Boy for passing over a Loughton to me on  Thursday night.

Be lucky and keep twittering


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