To eat or not to eat?

Hello everbody,hope you are well and earning enough. How are you coping with the summer downturn,not easy is it?This is probably the reason that there seems to be an increase in the amount of “anti social” behaviour that seems to be happening at night. When I say anti-social I mean the amount of other drivers who seem “not to notice” that there are other drivers with their lights on when they speed by and then nick the next job, I must hear the lines”sorry I didn’t see your light on” or “I didn’t realise that I had passed you” more now than ever in the last 7 years.

Now I know that we have covered this topic here and on every other forum before but the reason that I have bought it up again is after what happened to me on Tuesday night. I was driving along Bayswater Rd towards Marble Arch and noticed a TX1,with its light on, behind me that seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. He was nearly touching my bumper at times and when I reached the roadworks near Marble Arch I thought that he was going to end up in my boot. As we went round Marble Arch the driver of the TX1 took off like a scalded cat and went past me, and another couple of cabs with their lights on along Park Lane.

As we reached Hyde Park Cnr there was a fella trying to flag down a cab. When he saw him the driver of the  TX1 pulled across the front of me and mounted the kerb,nearly knocking the fella over, in his haste to get him in. I pulled along side the other cab and asked him what he was up to! The driver looked at me and said “whats up?”  After I had told him what he had done he said “so what did you follow me all this way just to tell me that?” When I said that he should leave the punter for me  he looked like  I had pissed in his tea. He obviously realised that I wasn’t going to back down and let him take the fare without a ruck so he turfed the punter out and shot off like his arse was on fire.

Now I know that we all some times make a mistake and don’t see another cab but this was different. He knew what he was doing aand was quite brazen about it,probably thinking that I wouldn’t say anything, but he was wrong. I did get his reg number but when I wrote it down I was moving so I can’t make it all out but the cab is a V reg, dark grey TX1 with Dial A Cab logos and the number plate ends in KMY. So keep a look out for him as he will no doubt try it again.

After a couple of occasions in the past where people have thrown food on the floor and seats in the back of the cab I now don’t pick people up who are eating or carrying food unless they agree to leave it in the bag until they get out of the cab. Most people are OK with this but the other night I stopped for a lad on Oxford Street who told me that he was waiting for his mate. When his mate came over he was carrying enough McDonalds bags to feed an army so I told them that I didn’t mind taking them  home  but not to eat anything until they had completed their journey. Well the lad that had hailed me started to get a bit upset, telling me that as he was paying the fare he could do whatever he liked during the ride, as he had rights. I tried to explain that in the past people had made a mess in the back of the cab with food and that other punters had had their clothes ruined because of it and that most cabs now wouldn’t allow eating in the back but he wouldn’t have any of it . He just kept on saying that he would report me for refusing a perfectly legitmate hiring and that he knew his rights. After a minute or so of this pointless conversation I had had enough so I said to the fellas ,”look if you wont agree not to eat  in the cab then I will not take you” So after a couple of expletives they went off looking for another cab home and I went off looking for another job.

I don’t know if its just me but since I have been on a diet,I have lost a stone in the last 4 weeks,I cannot stand the smell of  burgers,fried chicken etc. Now being that I used to eat these foods at least once a week,when I meet up with my kids for breakfast or lunch,and used to love them I find it a bit strange that the smell now makes me feel ill. Maybe its like when you give up smoking and the smell of stale smoke makes you feel ill.  Just in case you are interested I still see the kids for breakfast but now I have the McDonalds porridge which is absolutely lovely so Ronald McDonald won’t go skint because of my lack of calorie intake!

I had another funny exchange with a fella that had been to McDonalds this week.It was about 5.30am and he was standing at the bus stop by Kensington Stn and had obviously had a beer or 2. He flagged me down and started to ask how much to go to Earlsfield but had to stop half way through his request to have a rather long belch! After appolgising for his lack of manners he then completed his request and when I told that it would be about £25 or so he nearly fell over. He repeated “£25″ to himself a few times then asked me if I knew what type of bus he needed to get him there and didn’t seem too pleased when I told him that a big red one would probably be best. His parting words sounded like “every body thinks they are a comedian these days” .

Well thats me done for now, I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy

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