To Tilbury & Back

Hi there , hope you are well and earning enough.

I have had a quite couple of weeks work wise ,what with going to the Isle of Wight to see Lyns mum and having a few days down the boat, but there have been a couple of funny jobs to tell you about.

The first was when I picked up a couple of  Japanese guys, on Edgware Rd, who had a couple of eastern european girls in tow. After they had got in the cab there was a bit of discussion as to where to go and it ended with the 2 girls telling the blokes that they would be welcome to come back to their place in Tooting Broadway. So off we go and as we were getting further into the trip 1 of the lads was getting quite amorous with 1 of the girls and I could hear a lot of talk about the size of the bed back in the flat that they were heading for. The other couple were a bit sedate, just chatting and having a bit of a laugh but keeping their hands to themselves. The first pair were nearly eating the faces off each other and the conversation was getting quite fruity.

When we got to Tooting Broadway station the girls directed me down a side street into a small estate and got me to pull over by an entrance to a small block of flats. The more amorous of the 2 lads got ready to get out and the other one asked me much they owed, which by this time was over £25.

The girls decamped and then told the lads that they had an early start the next day so the lads wouldn’t be able to come in with them, and with that they ran off into the flats! The lads tried to follow but I still hadn’t been paid so it was a quick shout through the partition to tell them that they had better pay me before they disapeared. By the time they had settled up the girls were nowhere to be seen. Then the lads asked me to take them back to West Kensington Stn, so after making sure that they understood that they would have to pay again, off we went and this time they weren’t quite so cocky!.

One day last week I was sitting on the rank outside the Whitehouse, after a really quiet night, and a fella came out with a bit of paper in his hand. He got in the back and said” I need to go here” ,in an accent that I didn’t recognise, and showed me the piece of paper. On it was written, P&O Port of Tilbury. So I told him that it would probably cost about £100 and he said thats OK, showed me a big wad of notes, so off we went.

An hour later I had dropped him off and a quiet night had turned into a good little earner!

Most mornings during the week I stop outside the Whitehouse Hotel and have a bit of time reading the newspaper or just watching the world go by. So there I was last Thursday sitting on point, with a another cab behind me, when in the mirror I saw a lady come round the corner from Albany St the pulling a pink suitcase.  As I watched she looked at the cab behind then back up Albany St & then she stuck her hand up and a silver TX4 that was comming down  Albany St stopped right on the corner. As I watched I was sure that the driver would send her toward the rank but instead in she got and before I could get out and “have a quick word” off they went with the driver looking anywhere but at me or the other cab driver behind!

Well thats me done for now I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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  1. steve says:

    Cab drivers picking up next to ranks is happening to much these days. It happens to me a lot.

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