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Murad Qureshi & His Anti Black Cab Campaign

I’ve taken this piece from the ‘London Paper’ dated 19th August, by John Dunne.
‘Black cabs spew out too much CO2 and Londoners should use more eco friendly private minicabs’. These are the words of Murad Qureshi and he has pledged to use his position as chairman of the London Assembly environment committee to steer the [...]


This and that

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to find someone that can sell me an ignition barrel for my Fairway because a couple of weeks ago my ignition key got damaged and I took a chance putting the key in – well I did and it started ok but the key wouldn’t come out so I started  searching  for [...]


To eat or not to eat?

Hello everbody,hope you are well and earning enough. How are you coping with the summer downturn,not easy is it?This is probably the reason that there seems to be an increase in the amount of “anti social” behaviour that seems to be happening at night. When I say anti-social I mean the amount of other drivers [...]



This is what it looks like when the City Police turn their backs on us.

The minicab drivers take advantage of that fact, no wonder there are so many rapes in the back of minicabs in the capital.
You would have thought that would ring alarm bells, wrong ! they are left alone and [...]


To Tilbury & Back

Hi there , hope you are well and earning enough.
I have had a quite couple of weeks work wise ,what with going to the Isle of Wight to see Lyns mum and having a few days down the boat, but there have been a couple of funny jobs to tell you about.
The first was when I [...]

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